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What are Binder Clips?

O. Wallace
O. Wallace

Binder clips are small devices that are used for neatly holding together items such as small or large quantities of paper. A binder clip is comprised of a piece of solid metal bent into the shape of a triangle, with one point open. Through the two ends of the open point, two wire arms are looped through to facilitate the opening and closing of the binder clip. The arms usually are placed in a down position, against the paper, to provide more security, or one arm might remain up to allow for the clip to be hung on a hook or other holder. A binder clip's arms also can be removed for a more permanent solution.

Sizes and Finishes

Binder clips are able to hold more sheets of paper than the traditional paper clip.
Binder clips are able to hold more sheets of paper than the traditional paper clip.

This useful office product comes in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 0.375-1.0 inches (0.95-2.54 cm). The clips come in a wide selection of colors and finishes to suit various needs. For everyday binding needs, stainless steel and black oxide are the usual binder clip designs. Finishes in nickel, silver or gold are available for use in important presentations and other projects. Binder clips in primary colors are useful for color coding documents or binding a child's artwork.

Other Uses

Binder clips are also occasionally known as banker's clips and are related to bulldog clips, which are a less-refined but stronger version of these clips. Cooks sometimes use this type of clip to hold their cookbooks open to specific pages. Binder clips sometimes show up in directions for keeping pieces of a quilt together, and scrapbookers have seen the artistic value of these otherwise utilitarian objects. These clips also can be used to balance machinery.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Among the binder clip's advantages over the standard paper clip are its capacity to hold more sheets of paper together more securely and its resistance to rust. On the downside, it uses up more space than the paper clip and is a potential hazard to people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Although the binder clip has nowhere near the popularity or pedigree of the widely used paper clip, the binder clip has nonetheless served as an important weapon in mankind's never-ending battle against stacks of loose paper.

Discussion Comments


Where are binder clips manufactured?


Where can I find gold color binder clips?


Where can I find the color gold binder clips?


Binder clips are available in a 2" capacity?


Binder clips are available in a 2" capacity from the Acco brand.


carolkoegel: A binder clip would never be made out of gold. Gold is a weak metal that would not stand up well if subjected to the bending stress that a steel binder clip can handle.


Where can I find a Gold Binder Clip? Not the color gold but real 18K or 24K gold.

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    • Binder clips are able to hold more sheets of paper than the traditional paper clip.
      By: Chris Tefme
      Binder clips are able to hold more sheets of paper than the traditional paper clip.