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What are Advantages of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

One of the obvious advantages of cherry kitchen cabinets is the fact that they are made from real wood. Solid wood cabinets are not only beautiful; they are also high quality furnishings that last a long time. While they may require special care, they can also endure better than cabinetry made of pressed wood particles, or pressboard. They tend to cost more than some types of cabinets; yet lower quality cabinetry may need to be replaced more often making cherry the better value.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are considered by some to be mid-range. They aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive. Cherry is also referred to as medium strength wood, so it is durable enough for extended use. It makes sense that it is a popular choice for cabinetry, since many homeowners see cabinets as an investment that they hope will last.

Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.
Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.

Another advantage to purchasing cherry kitchen cabinets does have to do with the appearance. Cherry wood has a rich color that tends to deepen with age and light. This is a admired feature. However, one thing to keep in mind concerning the aged color is that it may be difficult to match cabinetry if any of it needs to be replaced.

Still, cherry creates a certain sense of warmth all its own. When paired with a warm background color, it can make a kitchen feel very inviting. Your family as well as your guests will feel at home in your kitchen.

Many people appreciate the straight, consistent grain and smoothness of the wood, which makes cherry kitchen cabinets perfect for different design schemes. Cherry kitchen cabinets generally work with any décor, depending on the style of cabinetry. Even contemporary designs can benefit from the rich, warm hues. In fact, cherry kitchen cabinets may help a contemporary design feel less stark or sterile, while still keeping with the sense of taste and style.

Cherry kitchen cabinets can go from one style of décor to another fairly simply. This is especially true if the design of the cabinetry is a simple one. Intricate carvings or moldings tend to dictate the style, while simple cabinets can work in many different settings from rustic to modern.

Since cherry wood has its own distinct, reddish tones, choosing a finish should be simple. Many people prefer the natural look, opting for a clear stain. Although cherry can be painted, paint is not generally chosen as it hides the innate beauty of natural, cherry kitchen cabinets.

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    • Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.
      By: ArenaCreative
      Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.