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What are Acrylic Magnets?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Acrylic magnets are magnetic items that typically have some type of image printed onto them, which are covered or layered in acrylic resin for durability. This resin is often cut to a shape that enhances the image already present on the magnet itself. Such magnets are often produced as advertisements for companies, though there are other uses as well. Acrylic magnets can also be used as picture frames or custom ordered to commemorate special events and occasions, usually through the use of a photograph or item encased within the acrylic resin itself.

There are many different uses for acrylic magnets, though in general they are meant to indicate the importance or value of something in particular. Such magnets consist of three basic elements: the image or item in the magnet, the magnet itself, and the acrylic coating. Just about any image can be used on this type of magnet, from a company logo to personal photographs. The magnet itself is not often especially powerful, though it must be strong enough to support the weight of the acrylic.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Acrylic magnets are often made using acrylic resin that is remarkably durable and noted for its transparency and resistance to discoloration. This provides far greater quality and protection for the image encased within the acrylic. Items other than pictures can also be placed within acrylic magnets, though this may be quite a bit more expensive to produce.

The acrylic resin used on such magnets is often cut to an appropriate shape for the magnet itself. Basic acrylic magnets might be cut as a square, circle, or oval, which can be efficient for magnets meant to act as picture frames. More elaborate magnets, however, can be cut into particular shapes that represent the item pictured or encased within the acrylic itself.

For private use, acrylic magnets are often used to create personal mementos of special occasions or events. Some magnets are sold as empty picture frames, into which small pictures can be placed and then used as any other type of magnet. There are also companies that offer custom creation of such magnets, and photographs or small items can be used by these companies to create these magnets. Someone celebrating a wedding anniversary, for example, might encase a small ring in an acrylic magnet, while a family reunion could be marked by acrylic magnets being made using a family photograph.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book