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How do I Make an Easy Knit Blanket?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

A knit blanket is one of the easiest items to create and makes a great first project for beginning knitters. Knitting a blanket requires two large gauge knitting needles and yarn. A gauge is a method of measuring the circumference of the needles. All the materials required can be purchased from any craft or hobby store and the total cost should be less than $15 US Dollars (USD).

Knitting needles come in a range of gauges, from zero to 50. Select a needle gauge between 20 and 50 for your blanket. Large gauge needles create the large stitches that are ideal for blankets. Visit your local library and look at the different knitting pattern books and magazines. They have great ideas and tips for colors and interesting patterns.

Knitting needles and yarn.
Knitting needles and yarn.

The simplest way to make a knit blanket is to create a series of squares or lengths in alternate colored yarns. Once the squares are finished, sew them together to create a knit blanket. Select a thick yarn made of cotton or polyester and avoid fancy yarns. Purchase all the yarn for your project at once, as there are variations in shade with different manufactures and yarn lots.

A kit blanket is a good project for a beginner knitter.
A kit blanket is a good project for a beginner knitter.

Decide on the dimensions of your knit blanket and finalize the pattern before you begin. It is a good idea to draw a scale version of your blanket on graph paper. This will help you count the number of rows of knitting required, and give you a good idea of the final outcome.

To get started, sit down with your ball of yarn on your left side and one knitting needle in each hand. Create the first stitch by tying a hangman's knot around your left knitting needle. Keep this first stitch fairly loose. Repeat this process for the total number of stitches required for each row.

To start knitting, take your right knitting needle and insert it into the first stitch, behind the needle in your left hand. The tips of your knitting needles should now resemble an open pair of scissors. Take the yarn in your right hand and move it into the space between the tips of the two needles. Pull the yard down and hold it with your right hand. Bring the lower needle over the top of the upper needle and release the stitch from the upper needle onto the lower.

This movement will shift the stitch from the left needle to the right and create a new row of knitting. Repeat this knitting stitch to finish the row. Keep your yarn tension as consistent as possible. Try to keep the stitches loose enough for the blanket to be breathable.

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I love to knit in the winter time, but don't get to spend as much time at it as I would like to. When I found out my sister was expecting, I decided I would knit her a baby blanket.

She did not want to know the sex of the baby before hand, so I choose soft colors of green and yellow for the blanket. Knowing when she was due helped motivate me to stay on track so I would get the blanket finished before the baby was born.


Knitting blankets can be a great project for yourself or to give as gifts. If you run out of friends and family to knit for, many places would welcome something like a knitted blanket.

Before I start any new project, I always like to have a specific person or purpose in mind for the completed result. There are only so many things you can make for yourself, and having others to knit for adds a lot of purpose and satisfaction to this wonderful hobby.


Once you learn your basic knitting stitches and how to increase and decrease, attempting a blanket is easy to do. It is best to start out with something small like a knitted baby blanket at first. Once you have completed that, then you will be ready to take on larger projects.

When my sister was in the hospital, a group of ladies had made knitted lap blankets that they gave to patients. I thought this was such a nice gesture and the perfect size for something like this.

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    • Knitting needles and yarn.
      By: picsfive
      Knitting needles and yarn.
    • A kit blanket is a good project for a beginner knitter.
      By: apelavi
      A kit blanket is a good project for a beginner knitter.