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How Do I Hang a Scarf Valance?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree

A scarf valance often adds a decorative touch to a window and can be easily hung by following a few relatively simple steps. Before you can hang a scarf valance, choose the proper type of rod and install it correctly. Next, place any rings, sconces, or bows in the desired location and thread the material through them. Determine the center depth of the swag and drape the rest of the material over the ends of the rod. Adjust the scarf ends and arrange the folds of the material until the desired look is achieved.

Hanging a scarf valance is a simple way to dress up a window. This valance may be added to a window with existing draperies or used to decorate an uncovered one. These scarves also make an attractive decoration for windows covered with blinds or shades. Almost any long piece of fabric may be used to make a scarf valance. Hanging this type of valance can be a simple do-it-yourself project with the correct hardware and a few common tools.

A valance can be combined with a curtain or hung by itself.
A valance can be combined with a curtain or hung by itself.

A scarf valance requires its own separate rod to maintain the proper appearance. Scarves hung from an existing curtain rod will be disturbed each time the curtains are opened and closed. It is important to choose an attractive rod because a portion of it will be exposed at all times. Securely install the rod at the top of the window while making certain that it is perfectly level. A cordless drill, screwdriver, and ladder will probably be needed to complete this step.

Place any scarf accessories such as rings, sconces, or bows in the desired location before hanging the material on the rod. Make certain that the scarf material is long enough to cover both the top and sides of the window before you begin hanging it. Fold the scarf in half and secure the center of the material to the middle of the rod with a pin. Drape the material over the rod and thread it through the rings, sconces, or bows.

Remove the pin attaching the center of the scarf and adjust the swag to the desired depth. Check the sides of the scarf to make certain that they are perfectly even. It may take several attempts before you achieve the desired result. When you have finished with this step, carefully arrange the folds of the swag. Then arrange the folds along the side panels to match the swag and use carefully hidden, hook-and-loop fasteners to keep the material in place.

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@eidetic - That makes sense. You could also put up a sheer scarf valance if the curtains have a bold print or color. I think that would look really nice too. I've also seen asymmetrical scarf valances, so you really do have a lot of options.


You can really do a lot with scarf valances and sheer curtains. My mom put sheer curtains in our dining room when I was growing up, and then put a scarf valance up too. When she wanted a little change in the decor, she would leave the sheer curtains, but change the scarf valance.

Since any color will go with sheer curtains, the options were pretty much limitless.


@LoriCharlie - That's a good idea. As the article said, you don't necessarily have to have curtains hung up on a window to put up a window scarf valance. I bet one would look fine on a window that just had blinds, as most apartment windows do.


I live in an apartment, and I think learning how to hang a scarf valance is a great thing, especially if you're a renter. If you're renting, you can't make too many changes to the apartment, and you might not want to take the time to do so anyway.

But hanging up a curtain rod and putting up a scarf valance isn't very time consuming, and it can really brighten up a room. I have a scarf valance on my window in my dining room and my bedroom, and I really like the way it looks.

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    • A valance can be combined with a curtain or hung by itself.
      By: Joy Fera
      A valance can be combined with a curtain or hung by itself.