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How do I Choose the Best Wrought Iron Headboard?

Selecting the best wrought iron headboard involves considering design, size, and durability. Opt for a style that complements your bedroom's aesthetic, ensuring it fits your bed's dimensions. Prioritize high-quality craftsmanship for longevity. Think about the finish too, as it can impact both appearance and maintenance. Ready to transform your bedroom with a touch of timeless elegance? Let's find the perfect headboard together.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Wrought iron headboards are available in a wide range of styles. In order to choose the best one for your style, you should look at the different wrought iron headboard options online or in person at furniture stores. Many of these headboards can be categorized into the decor categories of classic, modern or romantic. This classification may help you not only find your favorite look, but also the best one to coordinate with your bedroom.

Classic iron headboard styles tend to be quite simple in shape; they may just feature a row of spindles. A poster wrought iron headboard is like its wooden counterpart with a heavy, tall post on each side. Yet, unlike wooden poster headboards, wrought iron versions have spindles to give them a more open look. Wrought iron sleigh headboards are slightly curved like similar wood styles, but are much more airy looking as they usually have thin to medium spindles spaced quite far apart. While poster-style wrought iron headboards often suit more traditional bedroom looks, sleigh bed styles tend to be more versatile and could look good in a modern decor.

A wrought iron headboard.
A wrought iron headboard.

Modern headboards made from wrought iron typically feature a lot of open space. They may have long, sweeping wrought iron pieces that create a simple, yet dramatically bare style. For instance, some modern wrought iron headboard styles have only four slightly curved, long metal bars that cross in an open X-pattern. Other modern iron headboards have only straight lines, such as those that have a pattern of many different interconnecting triangle shapes.

Romantic wrought iron headboards feature many S-shaped scrolls and curved metal spindles. Some of these headboards are extremely intricate. If you like a delicate, curved look to a metal headboard, this type of look may be right for you. Some of these elaborately scrolled styles are wall-mounted headboard types. These kinds of headboards can be the best choice if you like the style and don't want to purchase the sort of headboard that attaches to your bed frame.

A wall-mounted wrought iron headboard style is often available in different shapes such as rounded on the top or those with edges that are low on the sides and gradually reach a high point in the center. If you're hoping for a tall, rather than regular height, iron headboard, one made up of three or more vertical panels may be best. These high types of intricately scrolled wrought iron headboards may also be used as an openwork room divider screen.

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    • A wrought iron headboard.
      By: Polina Kobycheva
      A wrought iron headboard.