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How do I Choose the Best Wedding Gazebo?

Selecting the perfect wedding gazebo involves considering location, size, style, and decor compatibility with your theme. Ensure it complements your vision, whether it's a romantic vine-covered structure or a sleek modern design. Think about guest comfort and the potential for weather changes. Ready to find the gazebo that will frame your 'I dos' beautifully? Let's uncover the key factors together.
Elizabeth West
Elizabeth West

A ceremony in a wedding gazebo is an attractive idea for an outdoor event. Different types of gazebos are available for purchase or rent in metal, canvas, or wood. Parks and other venues sometimes rent their outside gardens for weddings, which may include a gazebo. Friends and family members who own a gazebo may offer to host the ceremony. A decorated wedding gazebo makes a lovely backdrop in pictures.

Many companies rent a wood lattice wedding gazebo. They often offer additions such as display risers to hold flower arrangements, arches, padded kneelers and even portable bar setups. The pieces fold for easy transport, and are lightweight. Companies usually raise and tear down the matching components to make an attractive and coordinated setting. The more components rented, however, will increase the cost.

A wedding gazebo may allow ample space for guests to congregate.
A wedding gazebo may allow ample space for guests to congregate.

Another alternative for brides on a budget is a pop-up wedding gazebo or canopy. These can be purchased through garden centers at home improvement or discount stores, or rented through party rental businesses. Easy to set up, they often have a metal or aluminum frame and a canopy made of canvas. They come in different sizes and provide shade and shelter for the ceremony, the cake, and possibly an outdoor reception area. Even if renting chairs for guests, a pop-up wedding gazebo is a good way to keep costs down.

A permanent wedding gazebo is an alternative for couples who are already homeowners and would like to have a gazebo in their yard. Garden gazebos can be custom-built or purchased in kits the homeowner puts together. The companies that sell the kits sometimes offer construction and installation services for a fee. Wood and ornate aluminum or steel gazebos are available along with garden arches, pergolas, and benches. After the ceremony, they can be enjoyed for years to come and used for other parties.

Parks and large venues with gardens that rent their facilities for events may offer an existing outdoor fixture such as a gazebo. Many public parks have sheltered pavilions that include picnic tables, and lease them on a regular basis. It is wise to check on availability well in advance, since these may be booked heavily during warmer months. Some places may not have enclosures available in case of bad weather, so an alternative big enough to accommodate the entire party should be considered.

Regardless of which type of wedding gazebo a couple chooses, decoration will make it unique for their ceremony. Rental gazebos can be ordered with custom decoration or the thrifty bride and groom may do it themselves. Satin ribbons, tulle, garlands, and lights can be attached easily to the gazebo to dress up the ceremony or complement any culture and taste.

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    • A wedding gazebo may allow ample space for guests to congregate.
      By: photographmd
      A wedding gazebo may allow ample space for guests to congregate.