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How Do I Choose the Best Trundle Bed Mattress?

Selecting the best trundle bed mattress hinges on comfort, size, and durability. Prioritize a mattress that fits snugly, offers ample support, and withstands frequent use. Consider materials that cater to the sleeper's needs, whether it's memory foam for pressure relief or innerspring for a firmer feel. What factors will guide your choice for the ultimate sleep experience?
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Choosing a mattress for a trundle bed often requires that you consider a few details to get the best product for your money. One factor to consider is whether you plan to keep the mattress stored away, or propped up next to the main bed. To easily slide a trundle mattress under the main bed, you should make sure you select a product with the right dimensions. Additional features can make the mattress more durable and comfortable, though you may need to decide whether they are worth the additional cost involved.

Prior to shopping for such a mattress, you are advised to consider how you will use your trundle bed. For example, if you plan to keep the mattress tucked away with the trundle under the main bed most of the time, then you need to find a mattress small enough to be easily stored in the available space. Some trundle beds, however, can be lifted up to the same height as the main bed, meaning you have a few more choices when it comes to the trundle bed mattress. Though it still has to be both short enough and narrow enough for the frame, the trundle bed mattress you choose for this kind of bed usually can be a little thicker than if you were to keep it tucked away under the main bed.

Trundle bed mattresses must fit under the bed.
Trundle bed mattresses must fit under the bed.

If you do want the ability to store a trundle bed mattress under the main bed, then you should measure the space you have available to make sure the mattress can easily fit. If you already have a trundle bed mattress, then you can measure that to determine what dimensions to look for in a new one. If you bought the bed without a mattress, then you should measure the trundle bed frame to find out how large of a product you should buy. You probably will need to take into account the width, length and height of the space you have for the mattress.

Size, cost, and comfort are three important considerations when shopping for a trundle bed mattress.
Size, cost, and comfort are three important considerations when shopping for a trundle bed mattress.

Since trundle mattresses tend to be less firm than traditional mattresses, you may want to invest in a mattress topper. You can use either a standard mattress topper or choose a specialty topper based on your particular needs. There are several kinds of mattress toppers to choose from, such as mattress toppers for shoulder pain, cooling mattress toppers, or foam mattress toppers. Mattress toppers also come in various sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your trundle bed.

You also may consider extra features that are available with some trundle bed mattresses, taking into account how often the bed and the specific features will be used. If you plan to use the trundle bed mattress yourself, or frequently have guests who will sleep on it, then you may consider paying a little extra for it to be more comfortable and longer-lasting. For instance, you can buy a trundle bed mattress that is resistant to both stains and water and also is fire retardant. In addition, some mattresses offer extra padding so guests can be particularly comfortable as they sleep.

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It's not necessary to get a bed mattress labeled specifically for a trundle bed. There are plenty out there that work just fine in a trundle bed that are not labeled as such. I bought a memory foam mattress for my trundle bed. I just made sure that it was the right size. It fit perfectly and feels great. If one only looks at mattresses called "trundle mattresses," the options will be fairly limited.


@burcinc-- Size isn't the only factor though. We just got a bed mattress for the bottom bed in our trundle bed. It fits just fine but the issue is that it's too firm. I slept on it, or tried sleeping on it and it was not comfortable at all.

Although people don't usually sleep on a trundle bed mattress on a regular basis, it should still be comfortable and useful. I wouldn't want my guests to sleep on an uncomfortable bed.


The size and thickness of a mattress for a trundle bed is more important than any other kind of mattress. If it's too large or too thick, it just won't fit. Or it might fit when open but may be too thick to be stored under the trundle bed.

It's actually best to have a custom made mattress made for a trundle bed. But that can be more expensive. So the best thing to do is shop with the exact measurements of the needed mattress in hand. It's better to get a mattress just a bit smaller for a guaranteed fit.

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    • Trundle bed mattresses must fit under the bed.
      By: Pavel Losevsky
      Trundle bed mattresses must fit under the bed.
    • Size, cost, and comfort are three important considerations when shopping for a trundle bed mattress.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      Size, cost, and comfort are three important considerations when shopping for a trundle bed mattress.