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How do I Choose the Best Swivel Rocking Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing a swivel rocking chair might end up being a lengthy process if you do not know what style of rocker you want. Some swivel rockers are upholstered, cushioned, and feature extending foot rests, while others are made from wood, feature an independent foot rest unit or no footrest at all, and have no cushioning or upholstery. Decide what style of swivel rocking chair you are looking for to complement the aesthetic of the room in which it will be placed, then search for chairs within that category that are well-built, aesthetically pleasing, and above all, comfortable.

A reclining swivel rocking chair will most often be upholstered and cushioned for comfort, and it will feature an extending footrest that is built into the frame of the chair. It will swivel 360 degrees in most cases, and it will rock by taking advantage of springs that connect the chair to a solid, stable base. If you are considering a recliner swivel rocking chair, be sure to sit in the chair for several minutes to find out how comfortable it is. Be sure to engage the recliner feature to check for ease of use as well as comfort. Listen for knocking, squeaking, or other noises that may indicate the apparatus is not working properly. Swivel in the chair several times, and rock back and forth to check the motions for proper function. If squeaking or other noises occur, be sure to find out what is causing those noises.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

If a recliner is not the chair you are looking for, look into simpler models with wooden frames. Bentwood chairs feature elaborately curved woods that come together to create an eye catching chair, while other styles such as mission style chairs are simpler and feature straighter lines. Regardless of the design you choose, be sure to sit in the chair and check for proper function. Some swivel rocking chair models will feature a spring unit similar to that of the recliner, though others may feature different systems such as gliders. Glider rocking chairs make a different rocking motion that may or may not enhance the rocking chair experience, so be sure to try this type of rocker to see if it suits your needs.

Consider the cost and long-term aesthetic of the chair as well. Some swivel rocking chair models will be quite expensive, especially if they are upholstered, have a reclining feature, are made from exotic woods, or are antiques. Choose the chair that fits your needs and price range the best, and remember that styles change over the course of years; try to choose a style that will not look dated or too gaudy in several years.

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@Raynbow- That is a good point. Swivel rocking chairs can also be dangerous to small dogs and cats. When these pets go under swivel rockers, they may get caught in the swivel and rocking mechanisms which can injure their tails or paws. So if you have pets and a swivel rocker, you should always look underneath your chair before sitting down, swiveling, and rocking in it.

Though swivel rocking chairs look great with a lot of different types of home decor, it is important to keep in mind that they are not always the safest type of furniture to have around children. Because they will have the urge to rock and twirl around in these chairs, kids have been known to tip them and get hurt. When you have swivel rocking chairs in your home and you also have children, you must keep a close eye on both.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips