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How do I Choose the Best Swag Curtains?

Choosing the best swag curtains involves considering fabric, color, and style to complement your space. Opt for durable materials that offer the right balance of light and privacy. Think about whether you want a bold statement or a subtle accent. What's your room's character, and how can swag curtains enhance it? Discover how the perfect drapes can transform your home.
Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

Choosing the best swag curtains for your window depends on several factors. Before making a selection you must first consider your budget, the window on which the curtains will be hung, the decor of the room, and your personal decorating style. Swag curtains are one of the most popular curtain options, and they come in many colors, styles and fabrics.

Swag curtains are two separate curtains that, when hung, flank either side of the window. A matching insert valance is often hung between the pair, giving them the look of one complete curtain. The versatility of swag curtains may play a role in their popularity. They can be hung on a decorative rod and used as the only window treatment, or as an accent over shades or blinds. They can also be hung over panels or sheers, adding both style and dimension to the window.

Swag curtains come in many colors, styles and fabrics.
Swag curtains come in many colors, styles and fabrics.

When choosing swag curtains, consider the room in which they will be hung. Some rooms — the dining room, for instance — tend to require a more formal window treatment. Swags used in a dining room would best be hung over sheers or panels for an elegant look. Other rooms — such as the kitchen and family room — lend to have a more casual atmosphere and, therefore, could have swags hung alone over the bare window or over blinds.

Jacquard is a type of weave used to produce pictorial effects.
Jacquard is a type of weave used to produce pictorial effects.

Fabric is also an important consideration that will differ from room to room. Swags in a rich fabric such as velvet, suede or jacquard can add elegance to a room. Curtains from cotton or blended fabrics are easy to care for and work well in rooms that are used often, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The color and design of the swags is another factor to consider. Choosing curtains that are a solid color or have a printed design on them depends on the decor of the room in which they will hang. If the room has a patterned wallpaper, solid colored swags would match best. On the other hand, if the room's walls are painted in a solid color, curtains with a design can attract attention and add style to the room. If the swags are being hung over sheers or panels, it is important that all of the window treatments complement one another.

Choosing the best swag curtains also means finding curtains that fit in your price range. The cost will vary depending on the fabric and style of the curtains, as well as the store in which you are shopping. Check out several stores to compare selection and pricing.

Swag curtains can be hung on a plain metal curtain rod or on a decorative rod. If being hung over panels or sheers, you will need two separate rods, one for the panels or sheers and one for the swags. If that is the case, the panels or sheers should be hung on a plain curtain rod. A decorative rod can then be used for the swags.

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The cotton swag curtains are usually think enough that you don't need lining. The main reasons you want lining are to block light, mute noise and improve the hang of the curtains. With a thicker curtain all of these concerns are taken care of because of the weight of the fabric.


@Laotionne - When you find a set of swag curtains you want to purchase go ahead and buy them. Putting lining in them once you get home is simple and doesn't take much time. Once you choose the type and color fabric you want you are ready to start.

Lay the fabric on top of the curtains on a flat surface so you can trace an outline of the curtains on the fabric with a pencil or a piece of chalk. Then you simply cut the fabric following the outline you drew with your pencil or chalk.

You then match the fabric and the curtains together and start sewing. Of course the quickest way to do this is to bring out the sewing machine, but if you don't have one, a needle and thread will do just as well. You'll simply have to invest a little more time in the project.


I like the way the swag curtains look. They are a nice change from the regular curtains I have seen all my life. I have seen a lot them in stores lately that I would like to buy. However, I want curtains that have lining. None of the ones I have seen had lining. Is it possible to get swag curtains with lining?

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    • Swag curtains come in many colors, styles and fabrics.
      By: Joy Fera
      Swag curtains come in many colors, styles and fabrics.
    • Jacquard is a type of weave used to produce pictorial effects.
      By: Gary Denham
      Jacquard is a type of weave used to produce pictorial effects.