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How Do I Choose the Best Pool Robot?

Selecting the best pool robot hinges on your pool's size, shape, and type. Consider ease of use, energy efficiency, and advanced features like smart navigation. Durability and maintenance costs are also key. With the right robot, pool cleaning becomes effortless, leaving you more time to enjoy the water. Wondering how to match a robot to your specific needs? Keep reading to find out.
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose a pool robot for automatic pool cleaning, visit a swimming pool supply store where you may ask for advice from a professional. Choose an established brand name that is known for cutting-edge robotic cleaning technology. It's a good idea to go online and read customer reviews before selecting your new pool robot. Some pool cleaners are designed to clean above-ground or in-ground swimming pools only, so be sure to choose a machine that is made for your type of pool. Also, look for a pool robot that cleans efficiently in the least amount of time, and one that does not require installation.

Automatic pool cleaners are available in various models, and robotic pool cleaners can save you the work of manually clean your pool. Finding a pool robot that will do the job it is intended for, at an affordable price, can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for. A specialty store that sells swimming pool supplies and accessories is likely to have more than one model to choose from, and knowledgeable sales staff to assist you.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Choose a pool robot with a high capacity motor, especially if your swimming pool is large. Some pool robots are equipped with two motors, enabling the machine to clean large swimming pools faster, and remove deep-down dirt with ease. A booster pump motor might make the pool cleaner bulky and cumbersome to carry, so consider this as well.

All pool robots will require the use of cleaning filters. Filters for automatic pool cleaners are typically removable, and many are washable. Look for a pool robot that is low maintenance. Be sure the robot's filter is easy to replace and spare filters can be purchased, either from the supply store or directly from the manufacturer. If the filters are difficult to find, you're not likely to use your pool cleaner regularly.

Depending on the size of your swimming pool, look for a robot with a cord that has sufficient length. For convenience, choose a pool robot that is made with a retractable cord. A cleaner with a retractable cord is less likely to become entangled on bushes or other items in your yard.

When choosing a robotic pool cleaner, you need to consider the interior surface of your swimming pool. Some pools have a vinyl interior, some are made with concrete or tile, and others have a fiberglass surface. Be sure the robot is specifically designed to clean the material of your swimming pool surface.

Consider a pool cleaning robot that comes with convenient accessories. On-board storage is another nice feature, as it allows you to easily store your pool cleaning supplies and tools. It may be worth the extra money for these features, or you might not require the extras. If you have limited mobility or difficulty lifting heavy objects, choose a robotic pool cleaner that is lightweight and portable.

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Very wise, WiseGeek!

In choosing my own robotic pool cleaner, I had to take the booster pump thing into serious consideration. When you choose a robotic pool cleaner that relies on a separate booster pump, know that you are complicating things!

The separate booster pump will not only make setup more complicated, but it will also make running the 'bot more expensive!

Try a Dolphin product. Personally, I use the Premier, and I really love it. It doesn't need an outside booster pump, it cleans really well, it has tons of options, and yet it isn't overly expensive.

Thanks for the post.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass