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How do I Choose the Best Mirrored Coffee Table?

Selecting the best mirrored coffee table involves considering your room's size, style, and functionality needs. Opt for a design that complements your decor while ensuring it's proportionate to your seating area. Reflect on durability and maintenance, too. Want to create a stunning focal point that combines elegance with practicality? Let's uncover how a mirrored coffee table can transform your living space.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best mirrored coffee table for your living space not only means considering its shape and size, but also what it will reflect in your room. For instance, if the room's carpeting is one of its least attractive features, a cube-shaped mirrored coffee table is not going to be a good choice, as it will reflect whatever is at floor level and bring more attention to it. If your ceiling is more attractive, a mirror-topped coffee table that reflects this upper view would be a much better choice.

Mirror-topped coffee tables may be all mirror or the base may be made of wood or metal. If you prefer the type with a metal or wood base, make sure it coordinates with your other woods or metals. If your sofa and floor coverings are lighter, keep in mind that a light-colored wood or metal mirrored coffee table base isn't going to stand out that much like a darker one would. The main eye-catcher here would be the reflection of your ceiling. Also, whatever you place on top of the mirrored tabletop is going to reflect in the mirror and appear almost as a double item, so carefully choosing a few decorative pieces is a good idea if you prefer this type of coffee table.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

If you want a glamorous, elegant looking coffee table, an all mirrored one can be ideal for accomplishing this interior design goal. A mirrored coffee table with matching tall legs tends to look sophisticated and expensive. Since this kind of coffee table is so sparkly and dramatic looking, a strong patterned area rug doesn't typically mix well with it. A plush, solid rug such as a white, fluffy accent piece can complement this glamorous furniture piece. The lower parts of your sofas should be in good shape if you choose this type of all mirrored table as the tops of the furniture legs are also reflective.

A cube-shaped mirrored coffee table can also look elegant as well as be highly reflective. If you like the look, you may want to use two or more mirrored cubes depending on the size of your sofa and living room. For a small living space, one mirrored cube coffee table can help the room appear larger because of its size and maximum reflective capacity.

Another type of all mirror table you may want to consider is the kind covered with small, square tiles. These mirrored coffee table looks don't create a clear reflective appearance, so are more versatile in their use. Your carpet or sofas don't have to be as in top-notch shape as they do with a solid mirrored table look.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book