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How do I Choose the Best Grommet Curtains?

Selecting the best grommet curtains involves considering fabric weight, durability, and light filtering properties to match your room's needs. Think about the color and pattern that will complement your decor. Measure your windows for the perfect fit, ensuring a balance between functionality and style. Want to ensure your choice enhances your space's ambiance? Let's examine the key factors together.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Since grommet curtains are available with different sizes of metal-trimmed openings pressed into the fabric, you should pick the best size for your curtain rod. If you'll also be selecting a curtain rod when you purchase the grommet, or eyelet, curtains, there will be more leeway in the size of grommets from which you'll be able to choose. Larger sized eyelet holes, or grommets, look much more dramatic than smaller styles and the metal color tends to stand out.

Most grommet curtains have silver-toned accents, so if you have another metal color, such as brass or copper that is featured strongly in your home, the metals may clash. It can be worth looking a little harder to find grommet curtains with gold-toned, brass, black or white hardware to better coordinate with your interior decor. If you are going to pick curtains with silver-colored grommets, purposely mixing metal colors in your home can create an eclectic, carefree look and make chrome or aluminum eyelet window coverings fit in well.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Modern interiors tend to suit larger curtain rods and grommet styles best. Smaller looks can appear too fussy and detailed for the clean lines and spaciousness associated with modern decors. Smooth-textured curtain rods, solid-color or graphic printed fabrics, and large metal grommets can capture the modern aesthetic. Romantic interiors, on the other hand, may be more flattered by smaller, more detailed grommets, a thin, textured rail or rod and floral printed fabric. More traditional or eclectic interior styles often look attractive in either large or small grommet curtains.

If you have a curtain rod that you're looking for grommet window coverings to fit on, make sure to take accurate measurements. You'll need to allow enough extra space for the grommets to slide easily across the curtain rail or rod. If you don't, the curtains are likely going to be difficult to pull open or closed. Grommet rings that fit too closely on the rail also tend to ruin the look of how the curtains usually hang in soft, even folds.

For most rooms, medium to light colors of grommet curtains tend to look better than dark jewel or neutral varieties unless you want light-blocking window treatments. Soft rather that garish accent tones can also work well if you want to add color to your living space. Patterned curtains offer an easy way to bring interesting prints into your home; consider coordinating different patterns in the same colors in throw pillows for a pulled together look.

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Discussion Comments


Are most grommet top curtains machine washable?

I love the look of grommet curtains, but need something that I can throw in the washing machine on a regular basis.

I have a daycare in my home, and it seems like no matter what I do, I have little sticky fingers that get on the curtains.

I would like to find grommets that are washable and the finish would not come off after being washed several times


I have used grommets for curtains to create a unique design. You can pull some of curtain material through the grommet for a creative twist on your curtains.

If you are buying grommets in individual packages that are not already attached to your curtains, I would read the package carefully.

Many of them are plastic with a silver or pewter finish to them. This usually looks OK, but the plastic may not be heavy enough to hold the material if you have heavy curtains.


I learned the hard way to make sure your curtain rod is small enough to pass through your grommets. When I was redecorating my living room, I put up grommet curtain panels.

I bought everything I needed and when I started to install everything, I realized the curtain rod I had chosen was too big!

Other than a trip back to the store to get a different size, it was an easy process. I found that installing grommet curtains was much easier than trying to slide a whole curtain panel of material through a long rod.

I think they also add a contemporary, yet casual look that I was looking for.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book