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How Do I Choose the Best Fruit Picker?

D. Grey
D. Grey

When you set out to choose the best fruit picker, you may wish to consider the type of fruit being picked, the general height of the fruit, and how much you plan to pick. The type of fruit is important to keep in mind as fruit that is sensitive to bruising or breaking if handled too roughly should be picked by a fruit picker that gently removes the fruit from where it has grown. Fruit pickers are available that allow a single piece of fruit to be removed at a time or that have small baskets at the head of the device that allow several fruits to be picked simultaneously. The length of the pole on the fruit picker should also match the approximate height of the fruits being picked, to prevent straining that can occur when a pole is too short. You also may wish to consider several helpful accessories, such as an additional basket for storing fruit after picking.

Try to select a fruit picker with a retrieval unit that will not damage the fruit or the tree. For sensitive fruits or in situations in which only a small amount of fruit needs to be collected, a fruit picker that removes only a single piece of fruit at a time may be desirable. In situations where a large amount of fruit is going to be collected, a fruit picker with a small basket below the removal device may be helpful as it will allow several fruits to be collected at one time.

Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.
Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.

The pole of the fruit picker is another important component to consider. It should match the average height of the fruit to be picked so that ladders or other climbing tools are used as infrequently as possible. Ideally, the pole should be adjustable, allowing the user to make it longer or shorter as necessary. Adjustable poles of this type are made out of aluminum and have a simple fastening device that allows the pole to be extended. In addition,you may find it useful to have a grip of some kind on the bottom of the pole to prevent the pole from slipping or dropping and dropping any collected fruit as well.

An accessory that may make collecting fruit with a fruit picker easier or more enjoyable is an additional basket. Once the fruit has been picked, it can simply be deposited into the additional basket, making transportation and collection a simpler task. You may also want to keep outdoor safety in mind and to keep a pair of gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen available.

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    • Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.
      Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.