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How do I Choose the Best Exterior Security Door?

Selecting the best exterior security door involves balancing aesthetics, durability, and protection. Opt for materials like steel or wrought iron for strength, and ensure the door features a sturdy frame and high-quality locks. Consider the door's resistance to weather and potential intruders. Want to ensure your home is a safe haven? Let's explore what makes a security door truly effective.
B. Turner
B. Turner

An exterior security door protects your home and family from robberies and break-ins. These doors feature strength and durability to resist most burglary tools, as well as physical force from someone kicking in the door. When choosing an exterior security door, consider not only the construction of the door itself, but also the frame and hardware you'll use to secure the opening.

The most effective exterior security door materials are steel or fiberglass. Wood doors tend to be easier to damage or penetrate, and may splinter if a thief decides to kick in the door. Steel doors can't be cut using basic burglary tools, and are much more difficult to penetrate. If you want the look of wood with the security and protection of steel, look for a security door made from fiberglass or a similar composite material.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

No matter which type of exterior security door you choose, make sure that glass windows or panels don't compromise your security. Glass panels within a door should not be close enough to locks or other hardware to allow an intruder to gain access. A thief could simply smash the glass and reach in to unlock the door if the glass is poorly located. Look for doors with strategically-placed windows, or choose doors with no glass.

Your exterior security door should come with special security hinges that help deter thieves. These hinges feature a non-removable pin that prevents the burglar from tapping the hinge pin out and removing the door from the opening. Make sure the door has a deadbolt lock, not just a standard latchbolt. Latches make it easier to kick in a door, while deadbolts offer a higher level of security.

Enhance your security with a matching frame for your new door. Many exterior security doors come with special frames that feature metal plates or other devices that prevent tampering or break-ins. By choosing a door with a matching frame, you'll enjoy better security as well as an easier installation process in many instances.

Steel security doors offer an extra layer of protection for those who are unable to replace the entire door opening. These security doors consist of iron or steel bars that fit within your existing door frame and prevent intruders from reaching for main entry door. To choose a steel security door, look for models with thick, heavy-duty metal bars placed close together. The door should feature a deadbolt style lock for maximum protection.

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Discussion Comments


It's a good idea to install security storm doors as well as security entry exterior doors. This will give criminals even more to break through before they reach the inside of your home and are able to rob you or hurt your family.


Let's face it, there is only so much you can do to make your home safe from thieves. Given enough time, I imagine a thief can break into most any place. However, I have read that most experienced robbers will bypass homes that are more difficult to get into and choose easier targets, so I guess security doors do make sense.


Exterior security doors are good to have. I think an exterior steel door is the best, but that's just my opinion. You should remember, though, the best security door in the world is only part of a good security system. What good does it do to spend a fortune on a security door, and then do nothing to secure the other places where criminals might enter?

Windows are an easy place to get into most houses. It's just a matter of breaking a think piece of glass, sticking your hand through and releasing the lock. You really should reinforce your windows with some type of extra security.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book