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How do I Choose the Best Curtain Finials?

Choosing the best curtain finials involves considering both style and function. Match the finials to your room's decor, ensuring they complement your curtain rods and fabric. Durability is key, so opt for quality materials that withstand daily use. Think about the finial design—do you prefer a classic or contemporary look? Tell us, what's your vision for the perfect window dressing?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best curtain finials, look at the color, material and shape. These elements should coordinate not only with your curtains and window wall, but the whole room. Much like the way kitchen cabinet door hardware can make a great style difference, the same is often true for curtain finials. The best curtain rod end pieces don't just coordinate with the colors of the room, but also capture it's mood and flavor.

For instance, in a casual, beach-inspired decor, colorful, ceramic fish-shaped finials can be a good choice, as they fit in with the theme and overall feel of the room. In a more traditional space with heavy, formal drapery, classic wood-turned finials would be a better choice. Black metal curtain finials in a scroll design can complement wrought iron furniture placed in the same room to add cohesion to the decor.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Silver-toned finials in a leaf shape will give a totally different look and mood to a room. The leaf motif could relate to a collection of plants near the window and/or the prominence of the color green used in the room such as in wall paint or throw pillow fabric. The same shape of curtain finials in a warmer metal such as brass or copper can create a totally different mood. This type of finial would work best with warm, rich decor colors.

If you want a basic, all-purpose type of curtain finial, a ball or sphere shape in light or dark wood tends to work well in most rooms. You don't have to match the wood color to your furniture exactly, but rather just keep the same basic lightness or darkness. If you keep all of the curtain finials in your home in the same rounded shape, you create a unified look that also will allow you the freedom to vary the colors, materials and sizes of finial. For example, you may want to use openwork metal finials in the kitchen to coordinate with your cabinet door hardware, but choose crystal sphere finials to tie in with similar ones on your living room lamps.

If you want to add more detail than just a plain round sphere, there are many different wooden, ceramic and metal curtain finials available from stars and flowers to animal shapes. At gift shops or art shows, you may even be able to find one-of-a-kind finials in exquisite colors and shapes. Remember to consider how the finials you're thinking of choosing will look in the particular room in which you're thinking of placing them.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book