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How do I Choose the Best Curtain Eyelets?

Choosing the best curtain eyelets involves considering material durability, color coordination with your curtains, and the size that fits your rod snugly. Opt for rust-resistant metals or sturdy plastics to ensure longevity. Remember, the right eyelets can elevate your decor while ensuring smooth gliding. Curious about the nuances of eyelet selection? Let's delve deeper into making your windows a statement piece.
Melissa Barrett
Melissa Barrett

Curtains with eyelets can have many advantages over traditional window dressings. Usually, curtains made with eyelets are easier to hang and to open and close, and because the eyelets are set directly in the curtain, there is less chance of the curtain coming off the rods. Curtains hung with eyelets are less common than other curtains and can give a room a more unique look. To choose the best curtain eyelets, you will need to consider things such as the size of the curtain rods, the size of the curtains and the material you want the eyelets to be made out of, such as metal, plastic or wood.

Choosing the correct size of curtain eyelets should be your first consideration. Make sure that the eyelets are large enough to accommodate the curtain rods that you plan to use. If the eyelets are too small, it will be difficult to open and close the curtains. If the eyelets are too large, the curtains will not hang evenly. Choose eyelets that are one-and-a-half to two times the diameter of the curtain rod.

Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.
Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.

Generally, the larger the curtains are, the larger your eyelets will need to be. The thickness of the material used for the curtains and the total weight of the curtains need to be considered. Thick eyelets or eyelets made of heavy metal can look clunky on lightweight curtains, and thin eyelets might not be strong enough to support the weight of the curtain and can bend or even tear the fabric of the curtain.

After you have decided what size your eyelets need to be, the next step is deciding the material from which they should be made. Curtain eyelets are generally made from metal, plastic or wood. Each material has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Metal eyelets are the most common types of curtain eyelets, and they often can fit in any decorating scheme. Metal eyelets are stronger, so if the curtain material is particularly heavy, you might need to use metal eyelets to support the weight. These also might be best if you have pets or children that pull on the curtains.

The major problem with metal eyelets is their tendency to rust. This surface rust usually does not affect the strength of the eyelets, but it is unattractive and can stain the material of the curtains. Choosing eyelets made from stainless steel will prevent rusting, but these eyelets are often comparatively expensive.

Curtain eyelets made from plastic can be more fragile but are often the least-expensive option. Plastic curtain eyelets come in a wide variety of colors. Consider using plastic eyelets if your curtain material is not exceptionally heavy and you are trying to match a specific color scheme.

The friction of frequent opening and closing can eventually make plastic curtain eyelets look worn, but they will not rust. This makes them a better choice for curtains that will be used in damp environments such as bathrooms or basements. If there is a chance that the curtains will have to be washed often, then it might be best to use plastic curtain eyelets.

Wooden curtain eyelets are usually more brittle than plastic or metal, and they are more prone to friction damage. Frequent washing can warp or discolor the eyelets. The main advantage to wooden eyelets is that they are unusual enough to be visually striking. You might consider these if your room is heavy decorated in a specific kind of wood.

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I think that it looks very nice when curtain eyelets match the metal hardware in a room. For example, a dining room that has light fixtures, doorknobs, and hinges that are gold-toned looks nicely pulled together when with curtains that also have gold-toned eyelets.


I think that wooden curtain eyelets look great in a room with a country or earthy theme. They go perfectly with this type of decor because of their natural wood finish.

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    • Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.
      By: LoloStock
      Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.