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How do I Choose the Best Cube Bookshelf?

Selecting the best cube bookshelf hinges on space, style, and storage needs. Measure your area, consider the decor, and assess how many items you'll display or tuck away. Opt for sturdy materials to ensure longevity. Think about versatility; some designs can be reconfigured. Ready to find the perfect blend of function and fashion for your space? Let's explore your options.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best cube bookshelf, consider how large of a unit you need. Cube bookshelves range from wall sized to a short, small unit that may work as a night table. A cube room divider may work against the wall as a bookshelf. Units sold as cube bookshelves aren't usually good as room dividers though, as the backs may not be finished. If you have taller books to store, a bookshelf unit with cubes and rectangular sections may be your best choice. Consider choosing a cube model with optional bins or baskets available if you'd like to add some closed storage pieces.

Wall units with both cubed and rectangular sections can look especially interesting since rather than rows of squares, the design is more varied. There may be only two tall, rectangular sections on either side of box shapes in the center of a cube bookshelf. In other combination rectangle and square bookshelf units, the pattern of the differing shelf shapes may be more scattered. When considering these kinds of cube units, think about different storage options. For instance, you may want to place tall books in one of the rectangles, but a tall vase of flowers in another.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Most interior designers advise people to vary books with decorative items in a bookcase such as plants or collectibles. As you view your different cube bookshelf options in stores or catalogs, try to envision your belongings in the different furniture pieces. Since these types of bookcases are cube-shaped, many of them have baskets or bins that are sold separately but designed to fit into the shelves. You can then create a closed storage option within the cube bookcase.

You may want to choose a cube bookshelf with colorful storage inserts for a child's room, but classy mirror-fronted ones for your living room. If your style is more rustic, a cube bookcase with rattan inserts can look attractive. The cubes themselves are sold in a wide variety of materials from plastic to plastic-coated wire to stainless steel mesh, wood and laminates. The best choice for you is a matter of preference as well as what will work well in your living space.

If you prefer a stackable bookshelf, a flat-packed variety of cube shelves that you put together can be an easy to transport option. Often, these will fit into or onto most people's vehicles, so there will be no extra shipping costs. Look for a sturdy self-assembled cube bookshelf though, or the completed unit may be wobbly and not strong enough to hold much weight.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book