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How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Color?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

First consider all of your options when choosing the best countertop color for your kitchen, bathroom or other area. In rare cases, such as when selecting a color of countertop to match the fun mood of a children's daycare, a more unusual or vivid hue may work well. In terms of longevity, though, such as to last through the time when a home is eventually put up for sale, odd-colored countertops can deter buyers. Beautiful, yet neutral, countertop colors are usually available in materials to suit every budget.

Browns, tans or grays tend to be sensible countertop colors, as they can go with a wide variety of home decor color schemes and wood tones. Cabinet color should be an important consideration when choosing the best countertop hue. If possible, have the cabinet shade with you when shopping for the best countertop color to coordinate with it.

The color of the countertop can greatly alter the feel of the room.
The color of the countertop can greatly alter the feel of the room.

Although natural countertops such as granite may be available in more unusual shades such as pink or green, these aren't often the best choice. These shades aren't to everyone's taste, so in terms of future home buyers, picking more neutral colors is a much better option. More unusual countertop colors are also likely to be more expensive if they are more difficult for the supplier to get. A much better plan for a kitchen, bathroom or other room with a countertop is to add color with paint rather than feature it in more permanent fixtures.

If you are going to use a strong color for a countertop, consider the upkeep of the material. For instance, concrete countertops can be custom colored, yet they also usually need sealing and waxing several times a year to keep the look from fading. Even if a certain accent countertop color is in style at the time, it's likely to become dated much sooner than a more neutral-colored option.

Although neutrals such as gray, tan or brown solids or patterns are typically excellent countertop colors, black and white may not be the best option. Black countertops can be sophisticated looking, yet they may also highlight dust and scratches, which can certainly ruin that effect. A white countertop color can be an especially poor choice for an active family home since stains from spilled foods or drinks may be difficult to remove completely.

Take your time when selecting countertop colors and materials. It's important not to just chose a countertop color without considering the qualities of the material. For example, some natural stone countertops may be a good choice in terms of their neutral hue, but the colors throughout may not be consistent in intensity. Consider how any natural flaws would look on your countertops rather than going only by the color and pattern shown in a small sample.

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    • The color of the countertop can greatly alter the feel of the room.
      By: Tilio & Paolo
      The color of the countertop can greatly alter the feel of the room.