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How do I Choose the Best Colored Flatware?

Selecting the best colored flatware involves considering your dining style, color scheme, and the quality of the material. Opt for hues that complement your dishes and decor, ensuring durability with stainless steel or coated options. Think about the occasion, too—bold for festive, subtle for elegance. Ready to elevate your table setting? Discover how the right flatware can transform your meals.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Colored flatware is usually quite inexpensive, as its handles are typically plastic. However, there are different quality levels; cheap plastic flatware tends to become unglued where the handle attaches to the metal fork, spoon or knife section. If you want to buy colored flatware to use once in a while in a casual setting, the lower cost kind may be okay, but if you want the utensils for more frequent service, it's better to invest in good quality pieces.

If you have younger children, thick plastic handles may work really well, as they're easier to grip than plain stainless steel flatware. The metal utensil ends may also be larger with duller tips on the forks and knives. Since colored flatware is decorative, you may want to buy the type that includes a coordinating caddy, or holder. This will allow you to keep the cutlery right near your eating area.

Striped or gingham flatware are perfect for an informal barbecue.
Striped or gingham flatware are perfect for an informal barbecue.

For a more elegant look, such as for summer outdoor dinner parties, acrylic colored flatware with a transparent quality is a great choice. Being sure to keep the color well-coordinated with the colors in your dishware and tablecloth can help keep the overall look of a summer party table bright without looking cheap. Patterned, colorful flatware can add interest to plain colored dishes. If your tableware is a solid color, then patterned flatware may be the best choice.

Striped and gingham patterned flatware creates a casual or picnic mood. They are ideal for summer cottages as well as outdoor barbecues. Jewel-toned colored flatware can have faux finishes to make them look like enamel, stone or even ivory. These fancier acrylic and plastic flatware pieces may be accented with etched pewter or other ornate metal accents; many of these sets are elegant enough for contemporary indoor dining.

Giving a colored flatware set as a gift can be a great idea, because it's not meant to replace a regular silverware set, but rather be used during spring and summer or for fun parties. Colorful flatware sets are sold in many color and style options; most are packaged in an attractive box suitable for gift wrapping. If the gift giver isn't sure of what color of flatwear to buy, a completely transparent, or clear, acrylic set can be an excellent choice. It looks fresh and modern while also having the quality of coordinating well with any colored table lines and dishware.

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    • Striped or gingham flatware are perfect for an informal barbecue.
      By: Monkey Business
      Striped or gingham flatware are perfect for an informal barbecue.