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How do I Choose the Best Cheap Wardrobe?

Selecting the best affordable wardrobe hinges on balancing cost with quality. Prioritize durable materials and versatile storage options that cater to your space and style. Consider flat-pack options for savings. Remember, a low price shouldn't compromise longevity. What factors will guide your choice to ensure your investment stands the test of time? Join us as we explore key considerations.
Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson

Shopping for a cheap wardrobe involves making some compromises, but there are options available that will please most consumers. Many companies manufacture wardrobes from particle board. While these are typically inexpensive, they involve some work, and are not always very durable. Wardrobes made of metal or plastic are usually quite durable and cheap but can be unsightly. A used wardrobe is often an excellent choice, but might require some refinishing that takes more time than some shoppers are willing to invest.

A cheap wardrobe made out of particle board will typically come in kit form, and will require an hour or so of assembly time. These wardrobes often look quite nice when assembled and come in a wide enough variety of colors and styles that most shoppers should be able to find one that they like. This type of wardrobe is adequately sturdy, but does not travel well. They are heavy and tend to break when moved, which means that this sort of cheap wardrobe is probably best for people who are not likely to move very often.

A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.
A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.

Plastic and metal wardrobes are also widely available. These materials are quite durable, and the selection is varied enough that consumers have some choices. Cabinets designed for other purposes, such as shop cabinets, can also be used as wardrobes and are sometimes a better buy than those that are marketed specifically as wardrobes. A cheap wardrobe made out of plastic or metal will normally travel well but will often not be as visually appealing as a wardrobe made from some other material.

Used wardrobes are often an excellent option for someone looking for a cheap wardrobe. Finding used wardrobes requires a bit more work, but most towns have a secondhand furniture shop or two. Estate sales are often excellent places to go looking for any type of secondhand furniture, including used wardrobes. Antique shops may carry wardrobes, but they are unlikely to be cheap .

Before buying a used wardrobe, examine it for damage. Scratches and dings can be sanded out or painted, but wardrobes with serious damage, such as broken or missing structural boards, should generally be avoided by all but the most adept carpenters, as they can be difficult to repair. Water damaged wardrobes should also be generally be avoided.

A little paint, sanding, and stain can turn a used cheap wardrobe into a lovely piece of furniture. Older wooden wardrobes are durable, but also lighter than those made out of composite materials. They tend to travel well and are likely to survive several moves intact.

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    • A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.
      By: Paul Maguire
      A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.