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How do I Choose the Best Book Organizer?

Selecting the ideal book organizer hinges on your collection's size, your aesthetic preferences, and functionality needs. Consider durability, design, and ease of access. Whether you prefer a minimalist shelf or a grand library-style system, it's about finding the perfect balance for your literary haven. How will you design your reading space to reflect your personal story?
Dorothy Bland
Dorothy Bland

The best book organizer depends on what room the organizer will be placed in, how much space that room contains, and whether the organizer is for adults or for children. The design of the organizer and how well it will accommodate the books it needs to hold are also important factors. Bathroom book organizers, for instance, usually need to hold only a few reading materials, so the design does not include any stacked shelves, just one small compartment.

In addition to considering what room the book organizer will be placed in, it is generally just as important to consider the space available in the room and just where the organizer can fit in. In a small room with little floor space, the best organizer may well be one that can fit into the closet or be tucked out of sight. Under-the-bed storage boxes and canvas storage systems, for instance, can take advantage of the large storage space that can exist under the bed to hold books and keep them clean and neatly organized. Additionally, small hanging organizers that are attached to the bed, the closet rod, or the inside of the bedroom or closet door can also be used to conveniently store small stacks of books and magazines that are constantly in use. Corner bookcases are another trick that help to maximize storage opportunities in small spaces.

In choosing a book organizer, consider the number of books as well as their height.
In choosing a book organizer, consider the number of books as well as their height.

Choosing a book organizer for kids is somewhat different than choosing an organizer for adults. Different types of bookshelves are in use, and these differences in options means there is a style available that every child will respond to. For younger children, for instance, there are organizers that are designed to be multifunctional, featuring shelves to hold books as well as bins that can hold toys. To stand up to the demands that young children can place on these organizers, they are often made from plastic or sturdy fabric. These organizers usually feature cutesy designs or cartoon characters and may be shaped like traditional bookshelves or feature a rack design.

A book organizer that cannot comfortably hold all of the books that an individual owns may not be very useful. To determine if an organizer is the best match, consider the total amount of books owned, the height of these books, and the height of the shelves in the bookcase. Different types of books, such as paperback or hardback, usually have different dimensions. If an individual mostly owns one type of book size, he will want to ensure that the shelves on his bookcase are high enough that these books can fit. Alternatively, a number of book organizers do contain adjustable shelves that allow the owner to change shelf heights to handle different book sizes and to personalize the look of the bookcase.

For most individuals, the design of the bookcase is just as important as other features. Book organizers are made from various materials, including wood and metal. The material from which the organizer is made, along with the number of shelves in the bookcase, overall height of the unit, and color may affect whether the bookcase will look like a natural feature in a room. For instance, a massive dark wooden case in a small room with diminutive metal office furniture may be an eyesore. Paying attention to various innovative bookcase styles can help with narrowing down all available options to find the best book organizer for the space.

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    • In choosing a book organizer, consider the number of books as well as their height.
      By: Paulista
      In choosing a book organizer, consider the number of books as well as their height.