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How do I Choose the Best Adirondack Chair Cushion?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Since Adirondack chairs are unique in that they have a seat that is slanted downward at the back but upward at the front, it's especially important to choose a cushion with quality finishing details, as they're likely to show. Look for quality, waterproof fabric that is comfortable to sit on in a color and pattern that suit your Adirondack chair as well as your style preference. If you have a two-piece lounger, you can find this type of Adirondack chair cushion as well, though they aren't as commonly available as full or single-piece pads.

A single-piece Adirondack cushion covers both the backrest and the seat for extra comfort. If you're looking for an informal, breezy style, consider a classic stripe or a tropical floral pattern in a smooth-textured Adirondack chair cushion. If instead, you'd prefer something more formal in design, perhaps to use in a covered sun porch, a button-tufted backrest with a thickly padded seat cushion would be a better choice. Some of these types of cushions made for Adirondack chairs look so elegant that the furniture becomes quite attractive for indoor use. The color options range from jewel tones of blue and green to pastel shades of pink or yellow.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

For a really informal beach look, an Adirondack chair cushion for the seat only can still add comfort but show the natural wood of the furniture more. Choose chair cushions with side or rear zippers to avoid a tacky look at the front of Adirondack furniture. Whether you select a seat cushion, a total chair pad or a double set for an Adirondack two-piece set, look for fasteners, such as long enough strings, to keep the cushioning from slipping.

An Adirondack chair cushion with a zipper is a good idea if you want to be able to remove the cover for washing. This feature can be especially helpful for beach house Adirondack chairs as the covers may get sandy fairly easily. Washable covers are also a welcome idea when the chairs will be used by children or pets. As a general rule, an all-over, colorful print pattern cushion tends to show the dirt less than a solid one.

Whether your Adirondack chair is natural or stained wood in a dark or light color, or it's painted in a fun accent shade, choose a fabric cushion that coordinates with it for the best appearance. For this type of outdoor chair, anything you like is great as long as you can live with the pattern. Choosing an Adirondack chair cushion can give you a chance to express your design personality for a casual outdoor space or beach setting.

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@heavanet- Those are great color schemes for Adirondack chair cushions on furniture that surrounds a pool. I think that when these chairs are placed on a porch in the front of a house, colors that match the house look great.

I have Adirondack chairs on my porch, and recently bought new chair cushions that match the shutters and trim of my house. They look great and very stylish, and pull the decor of the exterior of my house together.


I have Adirondack chairs on my pool deck, and I love to replace the chair cushions every pool season to give my outdoor area a fresh look. Floral patterns, bright colors, and soft patterns look great and pop next to the water of the pool.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip