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How Do I Care for Jasmine Ground Cover?

O. Parker
O. Parker

Jasmine ground cover, also called Asiatic jasmine and belonging to the species Trachelospermum asiaticum, is a vine that trails along the ground. It takes six months to a year for this woody vine to sprawl effectively over an area. Once established, it requires minimal care overall, but when planting and growing jasmine ground cover, the proper initial and ongoing care is important to keep this plant growing well.

This trailing jasmine variety grows 12 to 24 inches (about 30 to 60 cm) from the ground, but it will also cascade over a wall or climb a trellis when given the opportunity. It has glossy evergreen leaves for year-round visual ground coverage. Like other jasmine species, Asiatic jasmine flowers have an intense floral scent. This jasmine can withstand temperatures as low as 10°F (about -12°C).

Trailing jasmine may also grow over walls and trellises.
Trailing jasmine may also grow over walls and trellises.

Asiatic jasmine ground cover grows best in full sun or part shade. In very hot climates with desert-like conditions, a spot in part shade is better. Spring and fall are the best times to plant woody vines, but they can also be planted in winter in mild climates. When summer planting is unavoidable, Asiatic jasmine should be planted early in the morning or late in the evening.

To create an effective ground cover, the plants should be planted on 12-inch (about 30-cm) centers. Centers indicate the number of plants for a specific area. For instance, in a 100-square-foot (about 9.29-square-meter) area, 115 plants are needed when planting on 12-inch (about 30-cm) centers.

A slow-release fertilizer applied to each plant once in spring supplies jasmine ground cover with sufficient nutrients for the growing season. A balanced 10-10-10 or 12-4-8 formula is suitable. Beginning in the spring of the first year, Asiatic jasmine can be fertilized every four to six weeks to encourage rapid growth. Fertilizer applications should be discontinued in the fall to allow the plants to enter the winter dormancy period.

Asiatic jasmine should be watered once a week or when the top 1-inch (about 2.5 cm) of the soil dries out. When watering landscape plants, it is best to slowly soak the roots around each plant. Watering slowly allows the liquid to penetrate deep into the soil without running off and away from the roots.

Minor pruning in spring keeps this vine from climbing trees, shrubs and structures. When pruning jasmine ground cover, a pair of sharp pruning shears should be used to make clean cuts across each branch. For overgrown ground covers, a large pair of shears can be used to cut back the plant to to the desired height and area.

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This article has a lot of good information about caring for this beautiful ground cover. When you follow these simple care steps, you will find that your jasmine ground cover will thrive.

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    • Trailing jasmine may also grow over walls and trellises.
      By: federicofoto
      Trailing jasmine may also grow over walls and trellises.