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How can I Deal with an Annoying Neighbor?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

How you should deal with an annoying neighbor depends on what he or she is doing, how often the annoying behavior takes place, and whether it is legal or not. It's generally best to try to ignore minor or infrequent problems, but you may need to confront the neighbor about more serious problems. If there is no change in his or her behavior, then you may be able to take care of the situation by filing a complaint with your local government. You generally shouldn't try to involve law enforcement unless your neighbor threatens you or is doing something illegal.

Do Nothing

An annoying neighbor mowing his lawn in the late evening.
An annoying neighbor mowing his lawn in the late evening.

If a neighbor is annoying but doesn't do anything apart from mildly inconveniencing you, it may be best to just let it go. Things like an occasional night of loud music, a bit of dog poop in your yard every now and again, or children accidentally sending a ball into your yard once in a while are probably not worth making a fuss over. You may also be unable to do anything if his or her behavior is legal or allowed by your neighborhood's or building's bylaws. For instance, if you hate that your neighbor keeps chickens in the back yard, but your town allows it, then you may not be able to do anything. Likewise, if you live in an apartment building that allows smoking, you may not be able to complain if your neighbor smokes on the balcony, even if the smoke wafts up to your balcony.

Earplugs can help block out sounds from an annoying neighbor.
Earplugs can help block out sounds from an annoying neighbor.

Even if you can't do anything about the behavior, you can do things to make it impact you less. For instance, if your annoying neighbor has loud parties once every few months, then getting a white noise machine or some earplugs may help. If you live in an apartment, moving your bed away from connecting walls or to another room can help as well. You may also want to consider putting up a privacy wall or hedge if you live in a neighborhood. Regardless of what others do, you should set a good example and avoid doing things to escalate the situation, like blasting music early in the morning if your neighbor's music kept you up at night.


Barking dogs are a common complaint and may violate ordinances.
Barking dogs are a common complaint and may violate ordinances.

If your annoying neighbor keeps doing things to bother you on a frequent basis, then the first thing you should do is approach him or her in a friendly manner. Try to keep an open mind during the discussion, and consider your neighbor's situation. For instance, it may irritate you that your neighbor lets leaves build up in the yard, but she might be too old to remove them herself and can't afford a yard worker. During your discussion, make sure that you clearly communicate what's bothering you, and lay out some alternatives and compromises.

You may have to take action if a neighbor continuously throws noise parties that interfere with your life.
You may have to take action if a neighbor continuously throws noise parties that interfere with your life.

Other people in the area may have issues they would like to discuss with this neighbor as well, so consider discussing it with them before talking to him or her. In some cases, it can be helpful to have a neutral neighbor lead the discussion to make sure that everyone's points of view are heard and that no one feels like people are ganging up on him or her. You may also want to look into mediation services, which can provide a person to listen to the problem and come up with solutions that work for everyone involved.

File a Complaint

It is wise to avoid doing things that will escalate the situation.
It is wise to avoid doing things that will escalate the situation.

If you've made sure that your annoying neighbor's behavior violates the law and you've already tried talking to him or her, then you may have to file a complaint with your local government. Who exactly you contact depends on the type of behavior. For instance, if the family next door encroaches on your property, see if your city, municipality, or county government can send an official letter letting them know that if they do not comply with zoning ordinances, legal action can be pursued. If the neighbor continuously throws noisy parties, then you may be able to contact local law enforcement to have them contact him or her about noise ordinances in your area. You should keep records of all violations, complaints, and conversations on the matter to show that you are organized and very serious about the issue.

Threatening or Illegal Behavior

If a neighbor threatens your safety or does something illegal, it's generally a good idea to get local law enforcement involved. They may be able to detain someone who is menacing, violent, destroys your property, or threatens your safety. If anything, they may be able to help defuse the situation. Many jurisdictions offer 24-hour emergency dispatch services to deal with these types of problems.

Discussion Comments


It is 5:11 AM and as I type this I am awake because my downstairs neighbor has no understanding of volume and how it works. The insulation between my floor and his ceiling is not good but that's no excuse. Just because you have a stereo system does not give you the right to have your noise intrude on anyone else. I have tried to talk to this jackass but he refuses to open the door. The super did nothing because his noise was during the day but now apparently he feels he can break the lease as well. Why people like him are so entitled and disrespectful of other people's space, I'll never understand. It's the worst.


I live in public housing, and they just passed a no smoking ban for the entire complex.

The problem is my next door neighbor smokes like a chimney and had oxygen in the house. The smoke is so bad that it comes through the walls into my apartment and has made my asthma worse. I have been constantly sick to my stomach, sore throat, burning in my lungs, etc. I tried to tell her ask her to please ease up on the smoking but it's like talking to a brick wall: in one ear and out the other.

She denies smoking in the apartment but I have seen her with a cigarette in her hand. She has even told me that she closes her windows and doors when she smokes and has incense and air filters on so no one should be able to smell it, but I can!

I went to the landlord about this, and they did an inspection of her apartment, but because she knew they were coming, she made sure that her entire house was clean and did not have any evidence of smoking. She even told the landlord that she had not been smoking since before the rule was passed, which is a bunch of crap!

I am not the only one who has smelled the smoke but no one wants to come forward. They can't do anything unless they have positive proof that she has been smoking, but there is no way to get that evidence of smoking. The police won't do anything because they tell me it's the problem of the landlord to settle and the police cannot get involved. So she just continues to smoke, and my health is declining because of it.

I can't move because my landlord tells me there is a long wait list for apartment, and anywhere else it's the same a long wait list, so again I am stuck here. Plus I am disabled and on SSDI so my finances are near to none in finding help. I don't know what to do! This is an absolute nightmare!


I have the most annoying neighbor. We share a back yard and this weasel-faced old crow is always out there making noise and nebbing. He moved here after I bought my house and his second night at about 10:30, he comes out revving a gas-powered weed eater. I haven't been able to open my blinds since they moved in.

Right now he's in the back yard with a power saw, and hammering away.


My neighbor smoked weed every day. Our houses are connected and when he got high my home filled with a skunk smell. I told my brother that I couldn't believe how many skunks we had and he informed me it was marijuana. Lol! I went over and talked to him about how I didn't care if he gets high, but I didn't want to to get stoned every time he did. He was kind and polite and always smoked outside or in a back room from that point forward. I love our place and our neighbors say that we're great, too. The moral of this. We both acted with maturity and politeness.


I have a neighbor with a mental problem, maybe paranoid schizophrenia. Like I said, she has mental problems but she drives a car. I always know when she is coming home after dark because all of her flood lights are on. One was shining directly into my bedroom window so one day after she left, I unscrewed it and banged it on the ground until the filament inside it broke. I then super glued it back into the socket so she could not remove it, LOL. The neighbor on the other side has the same problem but has not fixed the problem yet after talking to me.

She put a sign on his side of her yard saying "Keep Off Private Property". When she comes home after dark, she will hit the remote on her car to lock her door and honk her horn three to six times. I had to talk to her after she honked the horn 10 times two nights in a row when I had to get up at 5 a.m. to go to work. I was pissed and could not get back to sleep for an hour. She stuffs newspaper bags into my bushes in my yard and throws weeds on top of my bushes in my lawn. She throws garbage over the fence into my back yard also. I walk down the side of my house twice a week looking for new stuff in my flower beds.

She never talks to me, even when I am trimming my bushes on her side of the house and she is walking up the driveway. I have a fire pit in the back yard and she yelled at me one night saying that was against the law. I yelled back telling her to call the cops but she slammed her door as I was responding. After all the annoying things she does, she sends me a Christmas card every year.

She can be entertaining, also. I looked through the window last week waiting for her to throw something in my yard and she started grabbing and shaking her breasts above her pot belly. She is overweight and always bringing home a big gulp or snowball. Her sister came over one day to jump off her car because she left the interior light on and pulled around the back of the house to jump it off, instead of putting the car in neutral and just pushing it out from under the carport. I was trying to figure out what they were doing and when I did I started laughing and went back inside.

She cannot fix anything so she has to rely on her brother or sister to come over and she gives them hell. She will start cursing her lawn mower when it will not start and I can hear her yelling inside her house sometimes. I don't talk to her too much and try to do any yard work on her side of my house when she is not home.


My neighbor smokes on his back porch, which is 10 feet from my bedroom and living room. He's obviously a smoker who has emphysema--based on the timing and duration of the hacking up of the lung poison and the time he's sitting out there. You'd think I'd feel bad for him, huh? Maybe I would if I thought he had any regard for the people next door to him-- us --who have to listen to his sickening hacking day in and day out for months.


My neighbor seems to know what I have been up to with regards to religion and what religion (miraculously) even though I never talk about it to anyone. And it seems to greatly anger her. I am in a unit and there is one unit between us. The other neighbours are almost never home.

She is nice to my face. She is also found out my hobbies and I feel she is only happy when I am watching things like boring, dumb, very ordinary history videos (she can somehow sometimes hear what I do even though we are one house part). Somehow. She hates my hobbies. I hear hear yelling at her husband about it and now I found it is so bad that I am doing gardening (she does gardening and her husband does astronomy and I told her I liked it). Well she hates me because I like it. Go figure! I never listen to their business. She seems to know more about me than I have said to anyone at my house. Or to her.


Does this happen to anyone: when you're by yourself and the neighbor above you is loud but when you have others in your apartment such as your family, the same neighbor above you makes no noise? I would like my family to know what type of crap I have to deal with all the time.


I have a neighbor with a mental illness who moved in two months ago and when ever I open my blinds to get sunlight in he come outside and stares into my window.

My husband and I have informed the father, who said he wouldn't be going outside anymore. He has been outside every day looking through my window. I understand he has a mental illness but does this mean I have to be a prisoner in my own home with no sunlight? He also jiggles my door every time he comes outside. What if I forget to lock my door? Please help.


I have a neighbor who was supposed to have been evicted almost three months ago and still hasn't moved out. All year long he's had some late night parties where he and his buddies are talking for hours and sometimes playing loud deafening music for hours.

I filed an online noise complaint and when the cops showed up, the thug (after the cops left) went on a verbal tirade about how if he found out who reported him, he'd get his thug buddies to mess up our houses. There's always some car standing outside his place to pick up or drop someone off. Usually some woman, which makes me wonder if they are prostitutes. And finally, I rarely see him leave the house especially to go to work. I don't know how he is able to afford the rent as he doesn't seem to make any money, which makes me wonder if he's selling drugs.

Recently, a few months ago, I found out he's been getting a bunch of UPS type deliveries to his house and one was for a cell phone that was in my name. I only found out because the cops that responded to the delivery guy (UPS guy said the name did not match up to the guy's description, had the box knocked out of his hands and the thug took it in). They told me and asked if the name was mine and I acknowledged it was.

Unfortunately, the peace did not last long as the thug was released a few days after and is up to the same crap again with the loud noise and people going in and out of the house. Worst of all is his buddy that makes this loud oohing noise like a hollering monkey as if to announce "I am here." I so wish that scum was still in prison.


Let it go and live life in peace. Remember, karma will get back at them sooner or later. If people have no etiquette or are inconsiderate, let them be the jerks. It's going to catch up to them. Don't worry about it. Life is too precious to dwell on idiots.


My family had been renting a place (one of three apartments in a house) for six months. The apartment next to us was vacated by a lady and her two kids. In September, the landlord rented it to a surly guy, his much older girlfriend, and her son, who is nearly the same age as the boyfriend. That being said, the boyfriend and surly son never said a word to us but the woman was overly friendly. It was hi every time you saw her.

Well, soon the noise began at 4 a.m. when the guy got home from work, the hanging out outside very late, (we live in a very quiet block and people don't do this), and pretty soon my apartment began to stink, since all three are chain smokers.

The police were called by another neighbor when they had a argument in the road one night and the kid was high or drunk on something.

The partying until 6 a.m. (then sleeping in all day) went on every weekend until they began to get too mouthy and bang on my walls.

The kicker is, I discovered little by little, they are using drugs. My bathroom reeks of skunk smells or chemicals.

The landlord never did a thing about the drugs so I am going to leave.

It's funny how you hear all these horror stories about bad tenants. We pay on time or early, which I reminded him of and he'd rather keep drug users and miscreants as tenants over a nice family.

Landlords who are scumlords (he has failed to fix many things here) deserve their karma.


I'm in Australia, so I have bad neighbors who are Aboriginal, and always drunk and on drugs, and a couple of them are completely skitz on it. They just tried to break into my house last night at 3 a.m. again, but failed to (probably too drunk with dutch courage again). The "reason" was that I was "pretending to garden so I can stare at them." Yay for alcohol/drug psychosis! The amusing thing is they have spread a rumor that I am nuts, not them. Yeah, right. Some of the idiots in the local Abo mob believed it, though.

Police are useless and I've figured out they're just waiting for there to be bodies cooling on the floor before they do anything. There's no point in moving. The last time I had neighbors that I said hello to the first day and they screamed "piss off" in my face, moved due to other reasons and it turned out these crazy Abos are friends of theirs. All criminally insane people stick together, I guess.

I'm kind of tempted to leave open a window and lie in wait for them tonight. They'd get in but they wouldn't get out again.


Relatively speaking, I've got it easy compared to some people here. My problem is that God just moved in across the road from me. It's a McMansion that's bigger and flashier than anyone else's (and I do not live in a McMansion).

I thought after this monument was built it would end, but it has only just begun as it's constantly added-to, with trees chopped down, shrubs planted and constantly trimmed, new lawns, hand-laid brick/stone imported from Europe for his driveway. Constant noise, noise, noise every day but Sundays starting around 7 a.m.

Because of how my house is situated, every vibration vibrates through my bedroom. This guy has flatbed trucks coming and going along with forklifts, like this was Home Depot or something! I feel them through my bed. Years ago, it reached the point where my pets were running wild, just about eating one another and I had to let them go!

There is just no end to this pompous clown's antics. He needs to be the source of attention and I'm afraid to get involved. Why? He's rich. Super rich as in being a paranoid himself with ADT security trucks inspecting his security setup (hidden cams, motion sensors, crap like that?). His house is usually lit 24/7 -- another problem since his house's bright spotlights shine right into my bedroom and that alone gives me trouble sleeping at night, after the construction stops!

The last time I poked my nose into someone's business, that someone was a Mafia type and I found myself fired and my career ruined. I don't want to make the same mistake with the same type of person, who quite possibly might own the town's police! Suggestions?


I had a situation this morning that was interesting at best. I'm a smoker, I'll admit that and I try to be as understanding and considerate as possible. My building doesn't allow smoking so I'll go outside near my vehicle and sit on the back or in my seat to have a smoke every now and then (one ever hour or two), not too much I think.

I wake up and leave early for work and I'll make my morning hot drink, walk outside near my vehicle to have my one morning smoke, and then I get in my truck and leave.

This morning I heard my neighbors next door getting ready to leave as well. I was just standing there daydreaming and looking up at the rising sun, when someone yelled out the door, "You're spooky!" I turned and the neighbor was looking at me and then said, "You should be inside. You're spooking all the neighbors." I've done this for the past four months almost daily with no one ever giving me any crap for it. She didn't want to explain anything. She just yelled at me with a mean tone, not trying to understand where I'm coming from, not having any place to have one smoke other than in the middle of the street.

Is this childish of me or her? I'm a good person who works my but off to live by no one else but myself. Am I asking for too much?


I wish I had some of the problems posted here compared to mine. My neighbor has threatened to kill me because he didn't like the way I was walking my old arthritic dog in my own driveway. He set up a hunting blind to kill deer right on our property line and kills them and the huge gunshots scare me awake (about 5:30 a.m.) My dog has epilepsy and the gunshots cause him to have seizures. He is a bully, angry and violent and I don't know what to do.


Yes I do agree that every neighborhood is going to have a neighbor that's crazy or one that crawls under your skin. I have one and he's in is late 60s and lives across the street about four houses from mine. My husband and I are renters and we have lived in our neighborhood for 25 years and this pest of a neighbor moved in about seven years ago and thinks he owns the neighborhood.

I have written documents of everything he has said and done to us. We have never done or said anything to him, and for no reason at all, he calls the police on us for walking our dog on our landlord's property that we are renting. One time he called the police on us five times in one night for nothing, and the police have to come out every time to investigate. Every time, we tell the police everything and have asked the police officer to tell him to leave us alone. They do and he doesn't listen. He keeps doing it.

We ignore him all the time and it still keeps going on. He even calls me dirty names every time I walk my dog or check my mail and even go to my car. He has threatened to kill us, and one day he even followed us and drove through the parking lot and almost hit me while I was taking my dog out before I went to eat. I called the police on him and all I got from them was to tell me to file for a harassment order then they will be able to do something.

I have told the police that every time I have called for all the harassment, they always say they can't do anything because he is on his own property. I told the police he is not on his property, and he still continues the harassing and the answer that they gave me was still the same crap: they can't do any thing with out that harassment order.

Here's the funny part. The police officer I have talked to knows this harasser and has told me that he has mental issues. Well, to me, people like that who misuse 911 and have that kind of a mental issue should be locked up in a mental hospital where they can't harm anyone or themselves.

So as I speak, I'm filing the harassment order just to get him to shut his trap and to leave us alone, or it will hurt him right in the pocket.


Strangely enough, my neighbor across the street must have at one time been talked to about his mowing habits -- I hope. If not, then why did he actually use a regular riding lawn mower rather than one of the commercial lawn mowers from the company he works for to mow his lawn?

That's right, folks. In a residential neighborhood this guy mows his lawn with a commercial grade lawn mower. And not just any type of one either. It's one that requires you wear noise canceling headphones while operating this piece of machinery.

But that is not all. He doesn't just use this mower once every two weeks or once a week, but two to three times a week to make sure his grass stays the best looking on the block/street. This guy is obsessed with his lawn and the fact that he works with commercial machinery.

He has a decent sized yard, and rents and does not own a mower.

Oh -- did I mention that I can hear his mower all through my house across the yard, with our TV on, with music on or with noise canceling headphones on? It is rather loud and is exceeding the decibel level for a residential area. I will be talking with him soon, or with code enforcement. I will get video and/or photos if I have to.

It's bad enough the other neighbors on his right facing us constantly stare into our yard and house all the time and talk about us to the neighbors they know.


The neighbor across the street burned my car last year. We were lucky because my older son found him trying to burn my car, but the year before, there was a fire in the garage at 2 a.m. Another neighbor who was driving by stopped to wake up my family and called 911. He told me to be aware our neighbor was standing, looking the fire. He did it we know, but now he has been charged with arson and burglary.

Since I bought this house, he has bothered me and I ignore him. He scared me but I never said anything to him. He is 34 years old and I am 60 years old. I have two boys and he provokes the boys all the time.

Now he has a good attorney and they came up with a story that is very common now about drugs and medications. All that is a lie to keep him from going to jail. The attorney is very expensive and everything is about money and power. It has been one year and nothing has happened. I understand why a lot of things happen.


My neighbors have been living here for over four months now, and they don't cut their grass but when they decide to, guess whose mower they ask to borrow? Ours. Now my dad is the decision maker on this. My mother and I don't agree with lending out stuff to neighbors, especially crappy neighbors who are nothing but low life losers. Who moves into a house and can't afford a lawnmower?

Then their 15 year old daughter came and asked my retired father on her mother's behalf if he could take her to summer school every day for over a month and pick her up. Now this girl does not know my father or this family well enough to be doing this, so that showed me the parents don't give a crap about their children's well being. So I have written them off. I don't even look their way when I see them outside. I pretend they don't exist.

When you give people an inch, they will take a mile, so I don't give them a reason to think I'm friendly so they won't ask me something. I don't care about awkwardness. You should not cross boundaries with your neighbors by asking them for things that are just inappropriate and selfish.


My neighbor, who shares the same property with me - there are two houses on the property - pops by every time she gets home. So most days we hear "whooo hooo" with an accompanying knock on the door - no matter what time or day or anything - and she talks for at least an hour. And we just can't be nasty because she's an old, lonely woman.

We've been naked and in bed before and she came by. Then every time we sit outside in our 'area' of the garden -- which the landlady cut off from the rest of the garden - she comes out to chill with us. She does not respect our boundaries. Worst of all, is she is a friend of the landlady, so dare we say anything?


I bought a half twin home a few years ago. Didn't know our next door neighbors would be the worst neighbors ever. Slamming front door, revving engines with no muffler, parking big trailers on the street to take up everyone else's parking, and much more. They store garbage in their basement and empty it once a year. They litter in their yard and ours. They live like pigs.

I don't know how anyone could live like that. There are about five neighbors in the area that want to move because of this one bad neighbor. Local authorities just slap them on the wrist and they continue to do what they do. I'm waiting for the private investigator to come back and maybe they will get arrested for selling drugs.


Its not as simple as people think.

Neighbors tend to use the police to get others into problems anonymously. They exaggerate "loud noise" or "wall rattling," like some house party is going on when it's nowhere near that level. In my area, they do not use a decibel meter. It's based on what the cops "think". I've had cops side with me 98 percent of the time that sound was not loud, or they drove off when no loud noise was detected. They are still forced to come out.

This is a double-edged sword since it's based on his testimony. Even if he agrees it's not loud but something can be heard from the street. You might be fined or your night ruined if you get a cop who feels the need to argue, instead of just tell you someone called anonymously.

I was reading some of the posts in the noise ordnance forum and was surprised someone was upset when they could hear a car door being shut while they are sitting on their porch. I mean, really? How many times does that happen realistically and what -- a whole second of your life taken away. These are the types of people who want to live in a silent cone and expect every single person to comply. Any noise is a disturbance.

I'm very open when it comes to communication, but when it's abused and fabricated like saying walls are rattling indoors, when there is zero or maybe 1 percent muffled sound, when it is not detectable outside my yard going toward your area and you say it has the power to rattle the walls and wake your 3 year old, when the sound is mute and undetectable outside their area and mine, then I do have a problem.

When anyone is approached by someone who is yelling and flipping out like they own you, then I won't bother to be civil towards them. It got to the point the neighbor's daughter (37-ish, three kids, one child is 3) would go for a jog and right before taking off she would come up to the door and tell me it was loud, then jog away.

This is the same very person who didn't want to hear the other neighbor's old fashioned boombox when she was outside. Yep, boombox, with a 10-watt speaker, 5 watts per channel. She just doesn't want any sound. When they resort to anonymous calls, there is no record of it like say, a domestic fight, etc. So in the end, they remain hidden while they harass everyone else.

So if I had 20 cops come over for loud sounds and 19 said it wasn't loud, then no real report is made, if number 20 decided to fine you for whatever reason. In my area no meter is used; it's only on the officer's testimony, while the caller stays hidden.


These are a bunch of stories with no resolution. What everyone wants to know is how to stop this crap permanently! Why can't the offenders be arrested/evicted for noise and other nuisance behavior for over long periods of time (years)? Who is responsible for keeping the peace?


What about neighbors who talk about other neighbors

to make you look bad?


About a year ago, I encountered a new neighbor that played very loud music during sleeping hours. I tried to ask her to be quiet one time when she sent her friend to the door, but the noise continued. I went to the building management, but they have spoken to her numerous times with little or no results. But they refuse to put her out.

I was about to put in for a transfer out of the building and then decided to stay put. She befriended my friends right next door (I think for a reason) and now the young women in that household treat me with a long spoon and don't look me in the eye. The other neighbors across from me have gone from speaking to not speaking. I feel like I'm in a third world country because this woman's behavior has been unreasonable, yet my neighbors seem to favor her right to play loud music, leave garbage in the hallway, to sing loud, hold late night parties,slam doors and roam through the hallways at all hours of the night.

Also, she has Administration for Children's Services on her back and since I complained to building management about her, she also thinks I called Administration for Children's Services on her but I didn't. What to do? I've been in this building for 18 years without incident and now this. I blame management because they seem only interested in getting their rent and nothing else. What do you think?


I live in the Russian area of Brooklyn. It's very noisy area near the subway, and very hard to live here but I cannot move because I don't have money. My neighbours are on top of me don't have any consideration. On my air conditioner I always find some food! I paid 500 dollars for my air conditioner.

I went to talk to them nicely, but they told me that I am crazy and my place is in a psychiatric hospital I got ear muffs and I am sleeping with them. Can you imagine? I sleep with ear muffs! I am crying. I am tired of that.


Hate to one-up you guys in neighbor crappiness, but last night, I found my neighbor in my crawlspace!

He said he was chasing a cat, but there was no way a cat can get in there, unless it has hands to open the entry.


The place we live in has gone downhill worse and worse since the recession. We're only here because my husband lost his job and we can't rent anywhere else until he gets another one. Anyhow, we have a bunch of foreigners now living across from us and next door.

I don't have a specific problem with foreigners, but ignorant ones who live like roaches bother me. Family no. 1 has been here since May and "have been supposedly" evicted due to noise and complaints yet they are still sitting her. Family no. 2 is very quiet (except for six or seven people going in and out at 6 a.m.) but they must have at least five to seven adults and at least two kids in a two-bedroom apartment. We all share a hallway and a building (six apartments to a building) and it's just extra doors closing and opening.

When we walk our dog, the neighbors across the hall or next door (their kids) freak out and shout at her because they are terrified of dogs. She is a sweet lab and doesn't bother them. We don't allow her to.

I hate it here. It's been a nightmare. Avoid living in Albany/surrounding area! I've only touched on the freaks in this area.


A small family moved into the house next door to me about two years ago. It’s just the husband, wife, and their 20-ish year old son. How bad could it be, right? In the two years that they’ve been here, they had a wedding in the backyard (had 30-40 of their friends park up and down our small street). Fine. Congratulations to the happy couple.

They once told me that they are a quiet family, and don’t like to have parties. Then what’s with the five or more cars that I always see parked in front of my house three to four times a week, with the late night giggling and chatter in the backyard after 2 a.m.? Didn’t you have a band playing in the backyard one Saturday morning through the evening? A special occasion? Again? Congratulations! Oh, and thank you, by the way, for the lovely mariachi music being blasted from who knows what in your backyard last weekend. It was so loud I couldn’t even hear my own TV, even with the volume turned all the way up! Was that the reason your guests who were grilling in the backyard were yelling and hollering every now and then? I was beginning to wonder what the other neighbors were thinking. Then, after 3:20 p.m., silence. It seemed as if no one even lived next door to me after that time. All I could think was, “Thank God for the neighbor who either finally asked these people to shut up or threatened them with the police!”

In the past two years since they’ve lived next door, I’ve been tempted to call the police on them on more than a dozen occasions. I keep holding myself back, constantly telling myself that they’ll come to their senses and realize they’re being disruptive neighbors.

Come to think of it, the only time I went over and asked them to lower their backyard chatter and giggling because it was past 2:30 a.m. and I had to be up for work by 6:30 a.m. (which I told my neighbor was earlier than usual due to the fog and long distance drive), I woke up to not only my car, but my sister’s and brother-in-law’s SUV covered in spray paint a few weeks later. Yes, I knew that the neighbor had three grown boys, one of whom lived there. But I thought for sure it was beneath them. But, when I asked my neighbor (the dad) who happened to be leaving for work about 3-4 a.m. that morning whether he had seen anything, he had said no, hesitated and added that our sensor lights did go on and off while he was in his front yard warming up his car.

I asked if my car was spray painted before he went to work, and he said no, it was normal. I was always suspicious of his answer and timing, because my sister woke me up at 5 a.m. telling me to come look at our driveway (where the three cars were parked overnight). I honestly don’t know how it was possible for three cars to be practically covered in spray paint (with all the headlights richly covered in black, I might add) in that short amount of time.


I am having problems with my neighbor. She throws her old broken barbecues in her front yard and just leaves them there! It makes my property look bad.

When it is a little way on to our property, we push it back on to hers. Then she pushes it back on to our property. It looks awful and she is so insane, we can't communicate. I am so mad!

What do I do? I tried complaining to the city, but nothing has happened. Help!


I have had my mailbox thrown up in my yard, been cussed out like a dog at a stop sign because the guy pulled out in front of me then backed up (his fault). He called me every filthy name in the book. Now all these old guys drive by my house real slow, staring at my house. Now they get drunk and shoot guns right next to my house. Also, a few of them are spreading horrible lies about my family. I can hear them talking crap lies next door when they are together. They act like they are cops (they are not).

I'm going to call Homeland Security if they keep this up because I think they are domestic terrorists with the guns. I fear for the lives of my family.


My neighbor blares music late into the night, threatens all of the other neighbors, lets her kids do whatever they want (in her yard and everyone else's), throws parties with friends parking in the middle of the street, the dad walks the dog in the front yard with no shirt, his pants sagging, and no underwear!

As much as I hate all of that, I could have dealt with it (well, other than the butt crack). Her kids were playing in the ditch in my front yard, throwing rocks at my dog, and when I told them to get out of my yard they went running to their mother who came over screaming at me. The next day my dog got very sick, so I rushed him to the vet, to be told my dog had antifreeze poisoning. Another neighbor told me that she had seen the kids throwing what she thought were rocks, so she went out to get onto them and they told her they were "feeding" him. They poisoned my dog because I had gotten on to them!


My neighbors are the worst. They had a dog that used my lawn as a bathroom and they never cleaned it up. They are the only ones who don't have the yard completely fenced in so the back is open.

She said to me one day she hates it when the kids go through their yard to the back because they don't have kids. Kind of like the dog thing.

They park their car and/or truck over my driveway so I have to really maneuver to get out. They cut the grass and make sure it goes all over my driveway and don't clean it up.

I have cameras around my house and caught him in my garage stealing wood. They are the worst neighbors ever. Thankfully they are moving in a few weeks!


Our neighbours are driving me insane, and they love it because they are bullies! Their children constantly throw balls, toys, sweet wrappers and lolly sticks every day over in our yard to annoy us.

They shout abuse to their children, and she goads them to do things against us: like throwing a bowl of water over my washing. When I confronted her, she tells me to go away, that they can do what they like.

There is no reasoning with them. Why do people do this? They are sick in the head. They are throwing weed killer over now, so my grass in dying and my plants, and my animals can no longer roam out there!


Some neighbors are just jerks.


At 2 a.m. Sunday morning, we woke up to the sounds of my drug dealer neighbor and friends from the units across from me, dragging a female into the car park and bashing her just meters from my kids bedroom windows. Now there were two males and three females on this one female, and because we called the cops she said she was going to throw dirt fits into our children's play area.

Today, the drug dealer ran someone over just outside my house. I didn't know it was her at first, so I went in to call for help. When they found out they split real quick! I was told to be careful, that she would hire a group of people to bash me!


My freaking neighbor lets his four children play in the middle of the street with "Children Playing, Slow down" signs right smack in the middle of the street! This forces me to have to drive around the signs and wait for the kids to clear the freaking road before I get to go home.

Also, he lets his wo dogs run in the middle of the street, unleashed. I always see those dogs peeing on other neighbor's lawns/bushes. He never says he's sorry. He never runs to go get his dogs to move so I can keep driving. Horrible piece of crap of a human being.


My jerk of a neighbor pops out of the door every time I sit out on the deck. He talks about all the neighbors and can tell you when every neighbor goes to bed and gets up. He also beeps his car horn with the remote any time I'm in my yard.

I planted bushes and trees between us which helps block his view. Then, he cut down every bush he had so he could see better. It's really a shame that people can't just leave other people alone. He constantly asks me to help him -- almost demands it.


My heart goes out to all of those that cannot have peace in their homes due to noisy neighbors. I have an ongoing battle with my upstairs neighbors. Not only do they have continuous traffic of people going in and out all day and night, but the lady of the house babysits two kids that are jumping, stumping and running from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Then to top things off, on weekends it's like 42nd Street with a loud sound system and a herd of elephants doing a pow-wow dance over my head 24/7 (seems like they don't sleep on weekends).

I was afraid to knock on their door to complain because I am alone with a disabled son (too many men go in and out and all seems very weird). I hit the ceiling a few times, but they responded by tripling the noise.

I had no choice but to complain to management, especially because one of the tenants works for management as a maintenance person. They spoke to him. He then knocked on my door to ask why I had complained. I explained to him all the reasons why I didn't. He gave me his number and asked that I call him every time the noise was too loud. I thought this would help, however, it hasn't. You see, he is not the problem; it's the people that he has living with him. I call him when there's noise. He calls them, the noise stops for a few minutes, then resumes. Obviously, whoever he lives with refuses to cooperate.

This whole situation has me drained.


I have two neighbors leaving their doors open whenever they cook; the idea is to air out their apartments, which means the odors fill up my apartment instead. I have politely addressed the matter to them, but it still goes on.

Also, I have a few guys living above me who like to drop heavy things and bang on stuff. They also walk around like elephants much of the time. My landlord doesn't care about all of this. The neighbors clearly don't.

I should just load up on stink bombs and crank death metal at full volume. Then they can enjoy some fine odors and soothing sounds of noise.


Lots of these posts (not all) are about the flaws of the building, not the neighbours. I think if you have your own place you should be able to enjoy it and be yourself in anyway you like. If you want to be a slob or immaculate, it is your private space to do so. However, lots of people seem to think because they own a space near another, that they can try to dictate the rest of the street or block and conquer it too. Fair enough. It's nice to look out onto a neighbor's neatly cut lawn, but in the end of the day it is theirs, so they should do with it as they please.

If you do not like living next to other people you should remove yourself from a crowded place or find a way to overcome your demons!


I rented a studio apartment six months ago. Soon, I realized one guy smokes while talking on mobile phone on his balcony all the night. The balcony was so close to my bedroom window that the noise and smoke seem to be rising from my bedroom.

I went out about midnight and told him that we are getting disturbed by his smoke and noise. He said, "Bleeping sorry". Next day he along with his mom, dad and a girlfriend started smoking and talking and laughing all day and night on their balcony. Now there is smoke and noise 24/7 in my bedroom. They also started cooking on their balcony. There is nothing that I can do now.


Once we had a neighbor who we called Dumpy Diane. She would usually be nice and normal during the winter months, but once summer hit, she turned in to a royal you-know-what.

She was never rude to me but was to my husband, who has helped her with several things as well as put up with her crap. She has threatened to sue over a dent he accidentally put on her car after he paid her for the damage. She even tried to sue another person for the same dent. Luckily my husband went to the officer and told him he had caused the dent so the poor guy wouldn't have to be subjected to her crap.

Needless to say, after two years of this crap, we had her sign a document stating that we owe her no more, and that she is to leave us alone and never talk to us again. This was signed by my husband, the landlord and dumpy Diane. She, of course, fussed the whole time but knew we were in the right.

She was later kicked out for being a bother to everyone who lived near her. The best thing to do is keep your calm, make reports, record times and dates -- anything that will help you in court if you have to go that far.


We are in our early twenties, with a baby. The neighbours use our front and back yards for an ashtray (even while the baby is crawling in the yard). Front and back yards are also used for broken beer bottles. They crank the bass every chance they get. They were starting a lawn and left the sprinklers on for four days straight. We've never had a flooded basement until they did that. They shoot firecrackers into our backyard on and off during the summer and scare the crap out of us. They scrape snow off a small portion of their sidewalk to get the car through and where do they leave the snow? In mountains on each side, on the sidewalk (a school route... the kids have to walk on the street or cross over to get to school). The list goes on and on. There are jackasses everywhere, peeps.


My neighbor acts pervy. He has been a bit of an exhibitionist and quite frankly, I get the creeps. He's even grabbed me a couple of times. But I wouldn't dare complain because in these instances it's always he said vs. she said and he's the type who would retaliate! I just have very high bushes so that I don't have to see anything going on there.


@anon110994, Post 56: I hate to break it to you, but amateur radio is a federally licensed legal service. It does not affect neighbors' home values and 99 percent of the time, unless there is something really wrong with the equipment, it does not cause interference.

Our hobby is in danger from homeowners' associations and other people. Look up what happened where there have been major disasters. Look at everything from 9/11 to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama tornadoes, and see who has come to the rescue when all other communications failed including the police, fire department, emergency services and yes, your beloved cell phones and internet!

So about the antennas and people with generators and other means of survival when communications and utilities fail, just be quiet. They will be the first ones you run to in a disaster.


I live in an apartment and the lady right next to me, smokes in her room adjacent to my bedroom. Our walls are made of drywall and apparently have gaps that let in some of the smoke. I'm not sure how often she or her boyfriend smokes, but it is definitely getting into our side of the apartment. I've tried airing it out and using candles, but I'm tired of having to hang outside of my house because of the smoke.

She seems like a nice person, though. I did tell her that the smoke is coming into our side of the apartment(bedroom). So now she does smoke randomly and sporadically while we're sleeping. I think it is not right to ring her doorbell at midnight to tell her to stop smoking in her own house. What do you think I should do to encourage her to smoke outside her apartment?


None of my neighbors leash their dogs. They let them run around loose and as a result, taking a walk with or without my dog stinks. I have almost run over loose dogs (accidentally, of course!) and have seen them almost get run over multiple times.

My dog is by no means aggressive, but she is somewhat anti-social and fearful of other dogs. She was a rescue and we don't know her past. When dogs run up to her off leash, they typically try to dominate her or are aggressive to her. My dog is terrified on walks. Even people whose dogs "are never like this" who act completely shocked when their off leash dog attacks mine. I really don't understand why they are so shocked. They're dogs -- animals -- no matter how well trained. That's why they're on leashes.

I also have a neighbor who has very dog-aggressive dogs. She is very responsible with them, always keeps them on leash, lets anyone with dogs use the elevator before her when she sees them coming, stays out of other people's way etc. I have never had a problem with her.

She should be allowed to walk her dogs just like everybody else. Her dogs have been attacked or started attacks with off leash dogs, causing serious injury to their dogs. She actually won a lawsuit because her dogs were on leash and theirs weren't. You would think that would make people stop and think but it didn't. It's everybody else's problem, not theirs.

I honestly almost never take my dog for a walk, which isn't fair. Everyone should be able to use the street.

I've asked people nicely to leash their dogs but have only gotten cussed/screamed at. I've contacted animal control, but they said they could only help if I could provide an address. Obviously, that can't be done. Most of the time I don't know whose dog it is, and even if I do, we all live in multi complexes or apartments. (I live in the city). How could I possibly get their address?

I feel so bullied by people whose dogs literally run my schedule if I want to walk my dog. There is a park behind my apartment, and an empty lot in front of it, so there is always someone with their off leash dog out to terrorize mine. I've had dogs growl at my feet, bark at me, jump on me (100-plus pounds), chase me, fight with my dog, or just invade my space and scare my dog. Please, think of people with animals from the pound when you let your "perfect little angel" off leash.


I'm living in a block of flats, temporarily until my husband gets my papers arranged, gets me an apartment where he lives and gets his sick mother settled. It takes about three months, and I'll have to endure this misery until late march.

Situation is: I am living next to a monkey cage. There are three young men living next to me. No girlfriends, no sports, no job. They are students. No clue why they are put up in a nice building like this. They are probably rich.

They freaking howl! They howl like animals! Like sex-crazed animals! They howl when they talk, they howl when they are on the phone, they just howl like a pack of wolves. I loathe them. They do nothing to get rid of the energy. They won't go to the gym, jog, or do anything. They lie around all day and howl.

I once asked them to keep quiet and they did not know what I was talking about. They kept quiet for two days then nothing changed. I had such a horrible night that I'm in the mood for destroying something. I am a sane, quiet person who keeps to herself, and I want my peace and quiet. I don't know how I'll endure these two months. I have no clue.


I have the most confrontational alcoholic neighbor you could ever imagine. The guy gets up at 5 in the morning, starts hoovering and drinking at this time. He has a girlfriend who's the same type. He drinks all day sitting at the top of the close with her, arguing all day, playing music, oblivious that the record is stuck.

She has an injunction out on him but still comes up for her freebie drink. He has a metal plate in his head from a previous domestic in which his ex's brother took matters into his own hands, and he also has a big slash mark on his face where he got it in another feud.

I recently have had a run in with him and his partner. She was pressing the buzzer early in the morning as she often does. If she can't get him, she will press everyone else's. I let her in. She was banging on his door and shouting through his letterbox for about half an hour. She left, but returned at 7 a.m.

I listened to the banging for an hour and a half before deciding to tell her to go. She was none too pleased. The girl was hurling abuse at me in the close and when I told her to leave, she came at me with her fist above her head. I merely put my hands forward to stop her getting too close and she bounced off my hands, fell back and cracked her head on the wall and fell to the ground. I actually thought she was dead, but for the weird noise she made. I explained in the nicest possible way that it was her own fault and that she should leave the close. He has recently attacked me twice with a hammer. I haven't seen or heard of him since.

All my neighbours are scared of him. I'm not but he is on the sick and has had two strokes, allegedly, and is under a doctor's supervision for his ailments which kind of makes it hard for me. If or when I have to defend myself and get the better of him, is the law going to see my side, or is it the case were you're either guilty or a victim in these cases?


Police will never solve the problem for you and very rarely can a landlord or apartment manager muster any type of will to actually help either. My neighbor is a loud, fat stomper who has her equally heavy boyfriend sleep over each weekend and they combine to shake the earth with their thundering. It's ridiculous. I complained to the manager last year and later was told that the neighbor had no idea she was disturbing me. Well, six months later, you'd imagine she has a clue, yet continues to stomp and pound and thunder constantly. You'd imagine all that walking around would thin her out, but it just seems to get worse.

I've tried to ignore it, but it's directly on top of my head. I can't move and she is here for college, so it'll likely be another three years before she departs. We are not allowed to confront neighbors in the building I live in, so I must rely on the ineptitude of the building manager to shut her up for a month at a time before it returns to old times.

It is ignorant and selfish to act in such a manner. People have no regard for others or have any clue how to act in a public housing situation. Sorry folks, it's different when you live above someone. You can't do everything you want as loud as you want. That's what a house is for.


I have had this for several years! My upstairs neighbor stomps around, plays loud tv, yells, slams doors, dumps trash on my patio, etc. I have tried talking with the neighbor, police and condo association to no avail. I would sell my place but the housing market is so-so.


People need to stop griping. If they can't confront people about something that bothers them, then move. No one wants to hear people complain.


My family and I have been going through this for three years. They moved some family from a shelter into the apartment above us. From the first night they moved in, they threw huge garbage bags out the window. Then they started throwing feces, diapers, nasty wipes and urine out of the window at my window. They damaged our air conditioners and recently cracked my bedroom window. They get welfare and even got free air conditioners and a phone through some program welfare has.

Since they don't work, they stay up all night playing music so loud my apartment shakes. Now they have their idiot kids hammering on the floor and screaming all day and night.

Since I confronted them, it's only gotten worse. Now they scream threats through the wall at my family and the noise is intolerable. They are currently renting out the rooms in the apartment to other people (receiving welfare and unreported income - I reported this, but they didn't do anything either).

We call the police but they do nothing. They don't even show up. Management does nothing. They keep looking out for those tenants' rights - as though we don't have any rights. I am fed up! Everywhere I turn, it's the same thing. Those people think they are untouchable and keep screaming, "No one is going to get me out of my apartment." I am sick and tired of this nonsense.

I don't know what to do anymore. Police reports don't help; nothing does. I work, pay my taxes, pay my rent, never had a problem here. Yet the garbage gets all this opportunity despite doing nothing but cause problems. Is there anything that will work to get them thrown out onto the street where they belong?


My family and I moved here in July of this year. The first night the teenage son next door was having a party and the guy on the other side (who happens to live in a trailer in the backyard) was playing loud rap music. I was in tears thinking about what I am I going to do? Is this how it is all the time here? Luckily it hasn't been but the guy (who I don't think lives there but goes to see his girl) next door plays the same type of music over and over when he shows up. He also smokes weed, which doesn't bother me, but you can never tell how he'll be if you ask him to lower the music a bit.


I had a loud, annoying neighbor that played music loud all day and night. I could hear the music in my entire house. It was so loud that their curtains blew completely out. It was so bad that we considered moving.

I tried everything. My husband pounded on the door at about 1 a.m. and asked nicely for them to turn the music down. They turned it down that night but the next night, same thing. About a week later, I wrote them a note explaining to them that I had a young child and that I had to go to work early in the morning. The music was never turned off, not even when they were gone. It played constantly for over three months. They did not work did not have children and had no brains. I hated them.

I live in the country. People move here for peace and quite. I ended up calling the police and they of course, never showed up. My family and I were not the only ones who were annoyed by them. So were my other neighbors. But none of them would go with us to try to talk to them about it. I ended up calling their landlord in the middle of the night and she could hear the music in my house from her phone. She came right over and fixed the problem. Of course, his family member who was living next to him tried jumping onto me. I had to remind him that he had parties and played loud music sometimes, but I never said anything to him.

I had considered sleeping with earplugs in. The people on here who act like it's okay to do this behavior have never lived through it. It should be common courtesy to keep the noise level down. I always consider my neighbors. I can tolerate people being a little loud on occasion.


There's nothing you can do about bad neighbors. I moved from my house and ended up with the troublemakers' friends from the place I moved from causing the same trouble here.

I only hope to God I win the lottery so I can move to a decent area. I don't understand why these people get pleasure out of making decent people's lives a misery. They are not right in the head.


My mother and I live in a compound with three houses. Only we have dogs, so when we moved in we built a fence at the back for the dogs so they won't disturb anyone (and they don't).

Only the third house hates us. They actually went to the city council to complain that our dogs disturb the children, but the thing is that their children always play on the other side of the house, never on the garden. So now we have seven days to think of something. Plus on monday we are going to take legal action.


My neighbor from hell is suing me for 25,000 in small claims court plus punitive damages! No one was ever hurt, but they constantly call bylaws on my two good labs, video tape my property, my home and my family. we finally sold our house and they are putting theirs up soon. I fear they will find us and do it again. They are crazy! I'm ion Ontario and pray for a judge that sees them as they are: bullies!


Talk to your neighbor and tell them that you're not the only person who thinks it's ridiculous how they're playing loud music so late. Tell them you're not the only person, because when you call the cops on them they won't assume you were the one who called. And good luck. Too bad people can't get kicked out of the block for being inconsiderate of others on the block!


I am going through the same problem. I was quite happy in my two bedroom house at my last place with my two children. All of a sudden I get moved to a brand new build and two days after I moved in, my new neighbor moved in. The bullying has started right away. Snide remarks and comments have been made at me over my fence for no reason. And the worst was when her brother or partner called me a whore over my fence and while my children were outside in the garden. All of this because I told them to turn the music down.

I am sick of this. I love the house but she is a complete nightmare it comes to it when after finding out more bad news about myself that now I'm too worried to let my children even play in the garden.

We've been here a month -- yeah, that's right, just a month. I have complained to the housing authority numerous times, yet they're not doing anything about it --not even contacting me.

And the person next door, to get me back for telling her to turn her music down, has even lied and complained that I have my music on loud at all hours which is not possible. I go to bed at 10 p.m. and my children at 6. I don't know what else to do. It is obviously bullying and I'm sick of it already.


I am going through a terrible time just now with my neighbor. They live in the same block of flats as me. This is what I am going through,

1. Drunken threats shouted up to my window from their friends outside.

2. Had my wheelie bin turned over and kicked out into the street.

3. Had to get rid of the recycle bins as they were getting covered in yogurt and tipped out into the stairwell.

4. My daughter was screamed at by the woman from her window while my daughter was in the garden.

5. The neighbours' kid punched, kicked and threatened her.

6. They have gone into my wheelie bin and taken out rubbish on numerous occasions and left it on the window sill outside my front door in the stair.

7. The woman has came drunk to my door, banged around in her high heels and shouted that my home stinks of urine (except she used swear words).

8. The man now leaves things outside my front door, like lumps of cat food etc.

This all started because my child who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is 11 years old, didn't want to play with their five year old once when she came to our door, but so the kid wouldn't feel hurt, my child gave her a set of bubbles, and everything was fine, or so I thought.

I am a hard working single parent and have no family nearby so feel quite vulnerable. I lived here happily for 11 years until this new family moved in, and this has been going on for six months now. I am trying to move, but there is a lack of property in Edinburgh just now so I am in for a wait. I am starting to become withdrawn, sad and just not right as I am always anxious about what they will do next.

I have been to the police and the housing association, but had no real help.

The bad neighbours tried to bully another family with another single parent in the stair that I am quite friendly with, but they stopped when the lady got married and moved her new husband in, which shows the neighbor to be a coward.

Lately it is only the man who is harassing me in this sneaky, creepy and intimidating way by leaving things outside my door and watching my comings and goings and creeping around my door at night. I guess he sees me as an easy target and I have to just keep taking it because I have no one to help me. All I can do is wait until I get to move and it's killing me. Every day I am living in a nightmare.


My neighbor moved in two weeks ago with her five month old baby. Firstly we overheard her talking in the back garden and she was claiming she was going to get a rottweiler to rip my cats bleeping throat off!

I, being unamused, confronted her about this and asked he to respect that the cats have lived here longer than her and their nature is to wander around. An hour later her chest of a mother comes knocking on my door, threatening me, and saying she knows people that will hurt me etc., etc.! On bank holiday sunday this past august, a text was sent to my landlady (who is also hers) telling her to tell me to turn my bleeping music off. I refused as I saw no reason to. It was a beautiful day and my friends and I were in the garden drinking and soaking up the sun and listening to music.

She and her next door neighbor are constantly on their front porches, smoking, with their kids in tow.

Its very immature and makes us very uncomfortable. I can't put rubbish in my bin without having daggers thrown at me. She is 21 and runs to mummy and daddy when things don't go her way.


I have to say living in a complex stinks. The management just wants to fill apartments. Every person who moves in here is scarier than before. No wonder they bend over backward when they see a decent, intact family.

There is a teen who lives below us who is definitely on some sort of mental disability because of rage or ADD or ADHD. I have a disabled child myself so I know the signs. The problem is, this teen is dangerous and out of control and his mother feeds him a steady diet of iced coffees, fast food and allows him to smoke constantly. He's now taken up cigars and the smoke flows in my windows. I spend half my day opening and closing the windows to keep out the smoke. Somehow this offends the teen and his smoking buddies.

I don't understand why people smoke in the year 201l anyhow. Why the bleep do they care if I close my windows or not? This complex is just creepy. A few months and we are out of here.


Helpful information regarding many posts:

My (renters) white trash neighbor weighs about 300 pounds, is a female (I think) Mom with three or four children. She gets drunk and claims to not remember that she talks a great deal of crap. She and her children stare as if they should be able to talk white trash crap to my kids without getting beat down.

One of her drunk boyfriends nearly got his tail beat down after threatening to kill us with a shotgun. One more step onto our property would have done nicely, but they pulled him back while they all were screaming some insane crap about our children being molested by us (nice try) while all of the rest of the neighbors looked on waiting some one to bust his grill up. We have had it. The only way to handle this is to beat the crap out of someone in self defense the next time they approach (threaten us/children) our home or come within arm's reach.

This all started because our physically disabled son came home from riding down the street with spit on his back. Our daughter quickly went out and slapped the crap out of the one who did it and now all white trash hell has broken loose. The cops are no help. Defend yourself!


My neighbor has been the biggest jerk in the world! I bought the house two months ago. My wife had one of my labs in the backyard with another dog whose owner was interested in mating it with my dog. The neighbor sees this and says, "Are those your bleeping dogs?" Real nice hello. Anyway, after we move in we decided to put a fence around our backyard so we can just let our dogs out. There was a fence already but it wasn't built to withstand the two huge labs we have. So the contractor comes in and starts to mark where the fence will go. At this point, the neighbor realizes that his garage is four inches from the property line. I calmly gave him a copy of my survey and explained to him that I was putting up the fence due to his comment about my dogs earlier. His wife then asked me if they could have a walkway as they have always been able to walk around that side to get to their backyard. I told them that if it would avoid problems then I would agree. The next day while obtaining my permit, I was waiting in the building inspector's office as he took a call. It was my jerk neighbors trying to con the inspector into not giving me a permit!

After this I went home and started to trim bushes, trees, etc. along the line where the fence was going in preparation for its arrival. At this point, the neighbor comes out of his house cussing me out asking why I was cutting down limbs on "his" property. After I explained to him to look at the copy of the survey, he then just said, "Your survey is wrong. This is the right one!" He then proceeds to pull out a copy of the tax map (which I had already seen online.) I ignored him and a few minutes later a cop comes along with a state trooper. I explained to them the situation and showed them my instrument survey and the neighbor shows them his tax map. The trooper explains to my neighbor that what I have is a legal document and in order to fight it, he needs to get his own survey and not a tax map. After fighting back and forth, the agreement was reached that my surveyor will come back and put stakes in the ground showing the line. My neighbor agreed to pay for it in front of me, my father in law and the two police officers.

About 30 days go by and no money from the neighbor. I gave him a copy of the bill for the second survey and explained to him that if I didn't receive my money I would take him to small claims court. At this point my neighbor becomes an even bigger jerk. He puts a no trespassing sign in his backyard facing my house. He constantly harasses me, my father in law and my wife. Finally, the contractor comes to install my fence and I get served with a letter from his lawyer stating that I am not to trespass, blah, blah, blah. While putting in the fence, he comes out and starts harassing the workers, telling them they are trespassing because their heads and hands are coming over the line as they fasten my fence together (I wonder if he tries to charge people flying in planes over his house with trespass or even knows what trespass actually is). The state troopers come back again and at this point I let my neighbor know that the fence is going right along the line (inches from his garage). He then tells me that he is only beginning.

Now that my fence is installed, my neighbor has quieted down (or it could have been the state trooper telling him that the next time he has to come out here that my neighbor will be arrested for harassment). I visited his lawyer and calmly told him that my neighbor is to replant the areas in my front yard that he damaged by keeping his garbage cans on them, he will leave me alone, he will not blow snow from his driveway into my yard (I already have problems with water in my basement), and that he will pay for everything he has agreed to.

All in all, if you have problems with a neighbor, just make sure that you have money to deal with the problems and that you don't let some jerk ruin your day!


If you live in a free country, expect to be free and do as you please, and also expect your neighbors to do the same.

Realize others have different schedules. I once worked nights and had to put up with all the neighbors mowing lawns and doing whatever during the day. Realize that just because your day happens from sunup to sundown doesn't mean every one else does. You know when you go in to that 24 hour store and buy something that you really needed at that odd time of day, it was those people trying to sleep during that day who made that possible.

Just because your world happens at X through X hours means nothing, do get over yourself. Unless your neighbors are stealing property from you or injuring you, or they have agreed to some terms such as a lease etc., you have nothing to stand on.

Be nice. Talk to them and if they don't oblige, then see if there are any rules/laws they have agreed to that they are breaking. Then you can and have something to work with, but until then, you can only do something about theft or personal injury.


Good neighbors are people of who take care of their property and are courteous to other homeowners around them. This means working out any issue that may affect their neighbors negatively. Unfortunately, my neighbor falls in the camp of "not so good neighbor". They have played loud music at 2:30 a.m. even after we asked them to turn it down. Empty bottles and cans have been thrown over the fence. They and their guests park the cars illegally making it difficult drive to and from our house. We have tried talking to them, but they either denied it ever happened or tried to pin the problem onto other neighbors up the street.

On top of that, they always say they just want to live peacefully or they would turn the conversation around by accusing us of being the troublemakers. We have tried all the recommendations from the article but without success. Being polite and reasonable with unreasonable or uncaring people does not work.


This topic is my story it looks a lot like this article. My neighbors are feeding a chicken every morning and the chicken makes as much noise as a dog like that every morning. I called the police and the neighbors were not even scared. So i curse them with a bad word every morning to let them know i'm not scared of them. Now the chicken is rare but sometimes it still annoys me. Hope this helps anyone who has a rude neighbor. By the way, I live in Ho Chi Minh City, and this place looks no different than the US countryside.

I swear to myself if that chicken annoys me again i will curse them until i'm dead. I do it like that every day. it does make me feel a lot better.


remember ugly hearted neighbors who make noise and throw trash, let your dogs bark, use your basketball hoops and many other things to annoy your neighbors. your good deeds are stored in heaven -- your bad deeds somewhere else.


Everywhere I have lived, I have had nosy, annoying or frightening neighbors. The latest started out being very friendly with us, an older couple, mid to late 60’s. When we first moved in, they would stop and chat over the fence. The man even gave me his old long handled clippers to trim the shrub on my side of his fence. Many mornings or afternoons I would come outside to find the old man tottering through our yard, looking around. He has had a stroke on each side of his brain and walks with a cane but his speech is fine.

After a few months, I realized they were no longer talking to us, wouldn’t smile and wave if they saw us as they drove up or down their drive, which runs the length of our yard. I was curious about it, but was busy with my son, getting unpacked, replanting flower beds and working in the veggie garden. This couple have lived next door for many years, they were very good friends, they say, with the woman who had lived in our place for 40 years so that makes me think he feels like he can do whatever he wants. There has been a series of weird happenings, odd things.

Then there was the half crazy barking german shepherd they kept in very cramped quarters, on a chain so short he could barely turn around, and excrement everywhere. Once a day they would scoop it up, but in the meantime, he would have no choice but walk through it or sit/lie in it. He would bark non stop for hours. On Christmas night he barked for four solid hours. He would start barking in the middle of the night, right outside our window and wake me up. I spent many days exhausted from the dog’s barking waking me up. I tried to mention it to them, but they laughed it off, saying there wasn’t anything they could do, that’s just what he does.

One night, the dog broke loose and he was gone the next day. They glare at us now when we’re outside or simply ignore us, which is just fine, but our yards meet at the back of the house, I have to walk past to get to the garbage cans, and there is a space where I’ve been trying to grow some flowers and plants. Nothing seems to take there. Now I know why. He’s been pulling them out. Last month, I realized he had tried to yank out a tall plant that would grow and create a privacy screen during the summer months. He got one stalk of it.

I replanted the plant, moving it a bit further from his fence. I bought some bamboo canes and built a trellis to support the growing branches of a shrub there and another plant from the other side. I tied the remaining stalk to the trellis. It was all right for a couple of weeks until after I went away for the weekend. I came home to find that he had yanked off the stalk that was tied to the trellis, damaging the plant again and this time the trellis. It won’t stand up straight now, it leans. I got a piece of metal wire fence and put it between his fence and the trellis, attaching the wire fence to the trellis, to prevent him from reaching through again. Nothing for a couple of weeks. The other day he was out in his yard, I went inside because I no longer feel comfortable when they are out and I’m tired of the glares.

A little while later, I notice he has put up a no trespassing sign on our side of the fence. We have never once set foot on or damaged his property. He was the one trespassing by trying to yank out my plant and damaging my trellis, my property.

That evening, my son and I were working back there, trimming the shrub so it won’t grow over on his side. I walked over to toss a branch onto the branch pile and there he is, half hidden by his house, leaning on his car, watching us with the ugliest glaring face I’ve ever seen! I wanted to say something about the sign, but that face told me it would do no good. He is sneaky and underhanded and that kind of sneaky is scary. I think he must be going senile in his stroke-addled, aging years. I am not comfortable being outside because they watch us, they spy out the window; I can see the curtain move.

There is no talking to these people. I know this type of people and talking never does a damn a thing, especially when they feel they have certain ‘rights’ because they’ve been there so long and we’re ‘new’. At least the dog isn’t driving me half insane anymore. Thanks for letting me rant.


Talk about that. I have a neighbor whose son comes out and usually plays with my kid but he starts a fight with them and i don't want playing with him.

Then he's going to call the cops on me? He also keeps on bullying everybody like he's the king or president. I just hope i can do something right now but they won't stop.


my neighbor rents his house and i need to get in contact with the renting people. they are constantly out on the front until god knows what time drinking and smoking weed. i can't go from my gate to my door without the smell. same in the back garden. they are constantly screaming and shouting. i can't have windows open unless i want my house to smell of weed and i can't confront them as they know a lot of murderers. i know this as I've seen them going to the house.

the worst thing is there is a newborn baby in the house that i constantly hear crying. how do i go about putting a complaint in to the company? do i email, pop in to the shop or ring the police and explain to them i just don't know how to deal with this? please someone help me.


I recently moved out of my parents house, and my boyfriend and I got a nice starter apartment right across town. We started moving in on a Friday afternoon. Upon pulling into the parking lot and getting out of my car to start grabbing boxes, I was approached by a neighbor.

She seemed nice enough -- a little older than me, but she asked to see my apartment because they are all set up a little differently and then invited me to see hers. I accepted.

From then on, she has not missed a day of annoying me. She walks in whenever she wants, and now in the beautiful weather, I find myself having to lock and close my door instead of allowing a breeze in. Not that it stops her --she just rings the bell and knocks until someone answers and it starts from the time i get home from work until midnight.

Within the 10 days I have lived in the apartment, she has asked me to give her a ride multiple times, she has asked to borrow money, and asked me to go buy her groceries and she would pay me back when she could.

Now last time I checked, I am not this girl's mother. We have graciously tried to tell her no to everything she asked. Well, last night we had company over, and two of our friends were coming by so we left the door unlocked for them. They walked in and within three minutes she was walking in the door and she had the nerve to look at our real friends and ask them who they were and why they were there. She then walks into our kitchen in our fridge, grabs herself a beer (and not a cheap one) without asking and walks away leaving the door to the fridge wide open! Who does that? Help! How can I get rid of her?


My neighbors are literally from hell. They starved their chained up dog to death, and yes I called the ASPA, police, and animal control officer, and even confronted them myself and nothing was ever done. (They don't speak english,so I guess its OK to let your animal starve to death when there's a "language barrier").

After that they continue to have random "pets" that disappear. Their 12 kids range from ages 1 to 14 or so and are super bad. The kids throw rocks, toys, tree branches, balls, gloves and even tools at my dogs over the fence, and constantly harass them. Their kids are obnoxious and loud.

About two years ago the owners tore down my chain link fence that was on my side of the property when I was at work. When I came home, I went to let the dogs out and my neighbors started freaking out, yelling in spanish. It was dark and when I turned the back porch light on, I realized there's no fence! I was furious.

The idiots had the nerve to ask me to pay half to put a privacy fence up. I told the one who did speak english, that no, I would not pay for anything, and they better fix this problem soon. I wanted to sue, but when they are probably illegal aliens, what good would it do. So two years later the "privacy" fence they built has holes in it big enough for my dogs to get through. They are awful neighbors. When they tore down my fence, they even cut down one of my favorite trees, on my side. So what do I do?


I probably have one of the most annoying neighbors in the world! I don't even know how to deal with her and her family. They are so immature about everything that goes on. She even put my kids in uncomfortable positions. She will ask the strangest questions to my children such as, "I think my daughter looks so cute today even cuter than you!" She is an adult saying that to a kid!

she will make comments about my own family giving us put downs. This is all because of her insecurity. I sometimes feel bad for her, honestly. Her kids are nine and seven and they are the exact same way. She is a terrible influence on her own kids.

We have been to Disney world with them and we are pretty close but neighbors get on each others' nerves. I think neighbors should just stay neighbors and just stay that way.


I just moved into my apartment last month and today is Wednesday. On Saturday I went out on my back porch to smoke a cigarette (I'm on the third floor, mind you). Well, this guy across the way saw me and asked for a light. I was being nice and threw my lighter down to him. The next day, Sunday, the same thing happened.

I recently moved from out of state so I don't know anyone and my husband isn't here yet. I have two young kids who are two and four here with me until my husband gets out here since we are in transition – just to give you the whole picture. Anyway, my father and brother came over on Monday night, thank God, and that guy from the weekend came to my door this time. He now bummed a cigarette from my brother and then was on his way.

Well yesterday, I came home from work with my kids and I hear a knock at my door. It's the guy again, and this time he was drunk and pushed his way through into my apartment. Of course I was alone, but didn't want to make him mad, so I went out on the deck to smoke a cigarette with him and he proceeded to tell me he just moved here himself and is staying with his mom and stepfather who is ill and then proceeded to tell me in his slurred state that he just got out of prison. I was freaking out. First he says he was in there for 24 months and then he tells me 10 min later he was in prison for 10 years.

I was making small talk and trying to be nice and finally said, “I'm sorry. I have to get my kids in bed so you'll have to leave.” He left, thank God, and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, which freaked me out but I was scared and just wanted him to get the hell out.

This morning, I woke up and my first thought was him and how I hope he doesn't come over again. I went to work and told my co-workers and they all said the same thing: don't open the door. I now feel like a prisoner in my own home. So I come home from work and tell my kids we are going to play a game and run in the house. Well he was out on the deck and I felt like he was waiting for me. He then yelled across to me that he wanted to know if I could lend him two dollars until Friday. I said no and now I feel like this guy is going to be a bum and ask for cigarettes and money. I mean, I just met him and he is freaking me out.

I don't know what to do. I am now sick and nervous and constantly looking out my window and watching him. What do you guys advise? He obviously knows I'm home and I feel if he does come again, that I should just politely say that I don't feel him coming over is appropriate and that I'm sorry but I can't let you in. My friends at work said don't open the door because you don't know what he will do and also I don't owe him an explanation.

Please help me make the right choice. I don't want to feel uncomfortable in my own home. This is ridiculous that already I have to have problems.


I have read all of the comments here and I could deal with just about all of the neighbors that all of you are complaining about. Noise? Smoke? Crying babies? Bad kids? Ha, what a joke.

How about living next to someone who creeps around your property at night while you are home. What about living next to someone who was a "person of interest" in a theft case that involved the recent rash of home robberies in your neighborhood?

How about jumping and waking up each time you hear a noise in the middle of the night that you think might be your neighbor? Forget the police? They dropped the case due to lack of evidence so they warn you and pretty much you are on your own. If all I had to worry about was some of the stuff you guys were complaining about, I would have less stress and peace of mind every night. Appreciate your situations. Things could be a whole lot worse.


I am sick and tired of these bad kids running my apartment complex. I live in front of a playground that is made for little kids. They all go inside at a decent hour so they are not the problem. It's the older kids 12-14 that are the issue. They like to play basketball right in front of my door and the ball smacks right into my door and windows almost every day. One time it was broken!

I've gone outside of my apartment several times and have asked them not to throw the ball so hard. That way it won't slam into or break anything. They also like to stay out until three in the morning on weekends, screaming and using horrible language. This weekend, I went to my uncle's house only to come home and find gum on my window! It took everything that I had not to curse out each and every kid that I saw on that playground (since the younger kids were already gone).

And because it's a huge complex, I can't talk to the parents because 1) I never see them and 2) I never know who does what and if you ask them where they live, they are only going to lie about it. I have told my complex manager several times and they say that they will do something and they never do!

I am tired of talking to these kids. I can't afford to move right now and I still have six months to go and I hate to even think about what this summer is going to be like. Grr! It's so annoying. I am "this" close to snapping.


My neighbor is a real jerk. We live in townhomes and he is on the end and I am right next to him. Well, when he moved in, he placed this home theatre system on his hardwood floor right on our shared wall. His subwoofer is like three feet tall. Whenever he would watch an action film (which is like all the time) my house would rattle, vibrate, hum, etc. It was so annoying. After numerous complaints, he finally agreed to keep it down.

It has actually been OK for a while, but now there is a new problem. He went to Walmart and bought one of those cheapo portable fire pits and started burning branches from the woods it. He keeps it under his deck, about a foot out from his deck. I can no longer enjoy fresh air because they must burn this crap. They are too stupid to use this thing because flames are not supposed to shoot up out of these fire pits. Last night, I looked out and saw it was up three feet at some times. Our decks are made out of wood and my deck/house burning down is a real concern.

Another annoyance is that they invite neighborhood kids over to run around with flashlights (graciously letting them play in my yard). I hate these stupid, inconsiderate jerks. I cannot afford a fence at this time, but frankly, that would only do so much to keep the smoke out of my home anyway. I have no idea what to do because I don't want to piss him off and have to deal with his sound system again, but I don't want him, his fires, and kiddie friends ruining the enjoyment of my home either, whether it is destroying my air quality or burning my house down altogether.


I have neighbors that were good friends. I would always go for a cup of coffee or drinks with them and whatnot. The only thing that started to bug me was their children kept hitting my girls; my girls have been taught not to hit back.

It went on and on. I would look after her kids almost every day, all day, until just before her husband got home, and I would deal with all the hitting. I don't smack my kids or any kid. I would put them on the naughty spot at my house and growl at them and explain why, but whenever we were at their house, my neighbor did absolutely nothing, just said ohhh, don't do that.

My kid just got punched in the face, and one day I just got so pissed, I blow up at her, not her kids, because I know it's not their fault. They know know better.

She took offense and started ignoring me, and now everything's up the crap. I didn't mean to get pissed off but I did everything for her girls. I love them. They call me aunty -- that's how much they love me. But she's their mum, not me. I just want her to take action. Argh, that's my problem anyway. I reckon just keep your neighbours as neighbours. If they piss you off, tell them nicely. If they don't like it, forget them.


my annoying bad neighbor started reporting lies to the police. i nearly got arrested other week as they reported me swearing at there spiteful kids. i was given a warning. i never been in trouble with the police until the new neighbors arrived. The uk has become so bad with laws.


Wow. So happy to find this site! Said simply: My neighbor drives me crazy! She moved in about a year ago, we live in town homes and there are four town homes per building. I live in an end unit, so there is about a 30-foot space between my place and hers. It is a nice grassy area with trees in the back, and I love it!

But when this woman moved in, fairly soon she was inviting every neighbor in the complex to gatherings in this small grassy area. She has a fire pit, and all the neighbors pull their lawn chairs around the fire and talk for hours. This is literally six feet from my windows. Aaauugh! To say I am a little resentful is putting it lightly.

The first time was fine, it was the 4th of July and we all brought food and it was fun, but then a group of about 10 neighbors started to gather there every Friday and Saturday night. I have a toddler in the house and I have to blast her noise machine to block out the noise.

I am also in nursing school and I do most my studying in the evening. So yesterday, I finally got up the nerve to have a friendly conversation with her outside. I politely said "Can we please have these little pow-wows in the community area (large lovely grassy area in the middle of all the apartments, not by any windows or sleeping babies). When I asked her, she said, "Oh well I will have to talk to the other neighbors".

I set my boundaries, I spoke my truth, and she twists it and makes it sound like she will do whatever she wants. I should have said "Well, bleep! I will just have to call the landlord and the fire marshal, and get your little parties banned altogether.” I hate her!


@#38 You asked: "I have prayed and prayed to all my saints, but nothing. What is there for me to learn here? Any suggestions?"

With all due respect to yourself and your respective "saints," I find your post a little confounding. If your neighbor has a window close to your front door as you say, could it be that you live in an apartment building where it is actually the other way around; meaning that the main front entrance for all the apartment residents is right next to your neighbor's window? If that is the case, perhaps it is you who is the one being nosy, even if you don't realize it, or at least lacking courtesy of that resident's privacy by taking undue notice of her. Perhaps she is looking out the window (her own window so that's her right) to look out at the weather, so what was your business staring at her window to notice that? That made me think perhaps you are the problem in this scenario. Also whether or not she has PMS is none of your business and again points to you taking undue notice of her moods (if she's being disruptively loud in her apartment so as to prevent neighbors from sleeping or focusing that's one thing; if you are just overhearing and taking unnecessary notice, that my dear is your problem.)

In sum, I mean this kindly, but I think you need to focus on yourself (why are you so angry? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with this person you apparently know nothing about!) Maybe meditate and consider ways to improve the quality of your own life, and that will make this so-called "horrible" neighbor recede from your reality. The sad truth is, she probably hardly knows you exist, or you are probably just a minor annoyance in her life (a nosy neighbor whom she pities). Do you want to be that or something more admirable?

Apologies for some presumptions. I just feel I have your number somehow, and want to help you open and help you grow a bit, perhaps attain a more intelligent perspective! Good luck, and keep that anger in check!


My problem put in scale is not so bad; but boy is it nice to have an anonymous place to just vent about my annoying neighbors. Call it free, badly needed therapy if nothing else!

My husband and I moved into an apartment building with some very annoying personality types. As a feminist, it seems counter-intuitive to state this, but it's the truth. The three most obnoxious people in the building were all women, two of them new mothers. One has already moved out, but the worst of the three (the mothers) is still here.

All of these women suffered from what I term housewife ennui, and took out their disaffection with their own lives on us by being more than a little nosy and intrusive. One spread rude rumors about us and our old arthritic cat (her meows can sound intense, and this small-minded neighbor spread gossip which I will not dignify with words only hint that it's of the kind I would only imagine the shallowest of first graders to make!). The other, slightly more mature mother only had a sense of entitlement and righteousness about her as she spent much too much time hanging out right outside our apartment. We could also tell that she participated in the gossip mill too; it was all over her vibe, very obvious.

They seemed to have mellowed a bit this year, although the "cat" obsessed mommy has a new habit of spending a lot of time with her kid right next to our front door (which is also by the main doorway, her ostensible pretext for standing there chatting away.) They are both pretty unintelligent and small-minded so pity is the only fair recourse. They're just so bleeping annoying, though! Learning to tune them out and avoid, avoid avoid them! Ugh!


I have the worst neighbor in the world. My son went out yesterday to shovel the sidewalk and driveway. I have a fence between the edge of my driveway and my neighbors yard. (Installed because they have been horrible for 20 years. The guy (around 60ish) that lives there with his mother and one of his nieces lives there periodically. This guy has never moved out of his mothers home. He’s a drunk and a pothead.

So anyhow, it’s easier when we shovel the snow to flip some over the fence into their grass. The other half goes into our grass. Big deal, right? It’s snow! He comes out and starts threatening my son, who is 26, by telling him to keep his snow in his yard and proceeds to shovel his yard into my driveway! My son stopped and stood there looking at him and then asked him to stop and to grow up. He picked up his shovel full of snow, threw it in my son’s face and shoved the end of the shovel towards my son’s face. My son put his shovel up do block his shovel and hit him accidentally.

He threatened my son he was going to come over the fence and beat his tail. My son told him to bring it on. He continued and I stepped out on the porch and told him to grow up. He called me names and then his sister came out and told him to stop. He acted like a child and said he would when he was done. I told my son to step back and allow the jerk to shovel his whole yard into our driveway. His sister reached to take the shovel and told him it was done. He pulled it away from her and told her to get away from him. She stood there as he threw a little fit and finally walked away telling my son he owes him for hitting him with the shovel and he’s had it coming since he was ten. Can you believe that?

I guess if you live in Michigan, you determine how much snow goes into your yard and if you think its not fair that the neighbor got less you shovel yours into their yard.

His father was a freak too. He’s been dead for around 11 years. When my kids were little, he told them he was going to put barbed wire on the fence so they would cut their hands up if they touched it. My kids were and still are good kids, he was just a jerk and his kid is the same. Like the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! I could go on and on about how rotten these people are but I would be here all day and I need to shovel the driveway -- into the neighbor’s yard!


i have a really annoying neighbor. this dude is always screaming and hollering at his mom all hours at night. he comes over and knocks really hard and if he doesn't get an answer, he knocks on the windows even harder.

i asked him to kind of cool it down a bit and he takes it as if i had told him off, when i asked nicely.

he is always over, asking me if i can come over and fix his tv, speakers, computer, etc. i do it and he has the same stuff mess back up the next day and he is right back asking me to fix it. the dude lies like there's no tomorrow and tells these big storms that you know are lies.

He doesn't care if you're busy. he still insists on telling you anyway. can't tell the dude no or he gets mad and wants to fight you outside. he expects you to do everything for him. dude loves pity but you can only pity someone so long before it gets to be too much.

i can't even have a woman over because i worry if he will come straight in and try to cop a feel. he has done it several times before. i can't even confront him about the stuff about him at night because he takes everything like a baby.

i have gotten past the point where i can't stand this place anymore. i hate it here. i never get a break. everyone's always wanting me to run to the store on my cycle when they have cars.


I don't know what to do. I'm living alone for the first time and I have a creepy, insanely obnoxious neighbor living right above me.

For starters, he's about 20 years older than me, and he asked me out my first day here. Secondly, he randomly stumbles around drunk in the middle of the night every couple of weeks and cranks really loud music for about an hour at about 3 a.m.

Today I had a couple of girlfriends over, and as one of them was leaving he started yelling, "Bye I love you!" trying to be funny, but it was gross and stupid. Then as I was walking back into my house he said to whomever he was one the phone with, "Oh it's my neighbor. Yeah. The one with the big boobs" (I have big girls.).

He's been here and there obnoxious since I moved in and I'm not sure what to do about it. Everyone else is quiet and nice and sweet. So far, he's the only trashy idiot I've run into. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


The solution to assist you in tackling loud music from annoying neighbours is that you should play your music and turn it up at the same volume. I have problems with neighbours who always complain about me and my sister staying at home not understanding that we are university students studying for our exams and it really annoys me.

They always listen in on what's going on in our house like every conversation it seems like they don't understand anything about studying because they always talk loudly and make silly noises when they hear me flipping pages not knowing that I'm studying and they think I'm showing off what fools. They always make up garbage about us when we never speak to them and they have a problem with us not talking to them seriously who would waste their time speaking to people when we've got better things to do.

They are always quiet when I finish my exams but as soon as I start studying they complain so I play my music up and they just get worse they are what you call the typical bogans.


got one for you. i live in a downstairs apt. my neighbor lives upstairs above me. she has two children ages 10 and 12 year old boys. one day i see them eating outside on the patio. guess where their trash ended up at? taco bell is what they had for dinner. no trash can they have upstairs. what a jerk of parents these children have. all their trash or dinner ended up on our patio.


I do shift work and last weekend when I was on the night shift I was trying to get some sleep in the afternoon but my neighbor's useless lazy son and his band were practicing in the garage.

My bedroom is right beside their garage and it kept waking me up so I emailed my neighbor and told her nicely that the loud music was disturbing my sleep and I hoped this wasn't going to become a habit.

So now the son is parking his car in front of my house, which isn't a big deal to me, but this afternoon when I got home from work, I parked my own car in front of my house because I was doing some cleaning and sorting through junk in my garage but when I finished at 10:30 this evening I moved my vehicle back into my garage. Then this useless jerk was obviously watching and got out of his house at 10:30 at night to move his car up 20 feet from in front of his house to in front of mine. It's obvious that he thinks parking in front of my house is annoying to me but it isn't. Can you believe the childishness of some people? I'm still laughing. I don't think I have ever come across a male so childish and petty.

I'm debating whether to confront the mother and tell her how funny I think it is that her son is so ridiculous. Ah, the joys of living in the city.


I hate my neighbors!! They blast their damn crappy music for hours on end. I asked them politely to turn it down, they yelled saying they can hear my tv.

I tried to engage them in conversation about this, as I don't want to annoy my neighbors. Once they saw that I was open to discussing it, they slammed the door in my face. A few days later the wife said they couldn't hear my tv. They just want to do whatever they want, and hate having to be considerate.

I have reported them to the apartment complex like six times! Now they have been allowing their friends to park behind me, blocking in my car. I complained about this as well, and they still do it. These people go out of their way to start a disagreement with me when there is none. It's ridiculous. I don't understand why people find it so difficult to be considerate to one another. The jerks behind me are friends with them, so they bang on the walls at all hours of the night now. They act like children. What's really said is that they're in their forties, and have children. They really feel like they're accomplishing something by behaving this way, other than just making fools of themselves.

I do hate getting so angry about it. Not sure what to do. There's annoying people anywhere you move. Living on the nice side of town is worse. It's like the more money you have the more people believed they are privileged to do whatever they want. Argh! Just be polite, people.


My neighbors used to be just mildly annoying, sending one of their kids over nearly every day to borrow something. Then one day the mother came over to use the phone (seriously, am I the only freaking person in my neighborhood with a phone?) and I had just bought several rolls of toilet paper on sale and was trying to clear out a cabinet in my bathroom to put them and after she left, I walk out and see a whole pack missing!

Then they really got annoying. They started letting their dog run around off the chain, despite our city having a leash law for dogs and it kept coming over into my yard and harassing my cat and knocking over my garbage can. Almost every day I had to pick up garbage scattered in my yard. I asked them to keep their dog on a chain but they never listened and finally their dog hurt my cat and I had to take the cat to the vet.

I brought out my BB gun and started shooting at the dog whenever he came in my yard and one of my neighbor's kids saw me and threatened to call the police on me for shooting at their dog. Later, his mom comes over and yells at me for shooting at the dog and I told her that I was going to sue for the vet bill for my cat. They have been extremely difficult to live around ever since.


I think that our neighbor is twisted. When we moved in after buying the house there was a lot of junk in the yard. I cleaned it up and threw most of it in the garbage or took it to the recycle depot. There were things like old oil and pesticide cans, rolls of wire and other items that were dangerous and I didn't want around.

A whole month later a man shows up in the yard yelling obscenities at me and calling me names saying that I stole things from him. He said that the previous owner allowed him to keep "his stuff" in the yard and I had no right to take it from him. As it turns out, this is the neighbor but he did not introduce himself.

This fellow seemed to think that I should have reasonably known that the old cans, jugs, wire and twine were his and just left it alone because he somehow has the right to leave it on our property.

When I contacted the previous owner I found out that they had been trying to get this guy to quit putting garbage in the yard for about four years.

When the neighbor was yelling at me and carrying on about my stealing his belongings, he said that he heard I was difficult to get along with. I asked him why and he would say that and he said that it was because I yelled at his daughter.

I was completely confused by his claim until I remembered that I yelled at a girl who was about eight years old who was just about to ride her bike behind a truck which was backing up and the driver likely could not see her. She seemed to have no idea that what she was doing was dangerous and I told her to never ride her bike behind any vehicle that is backing up.

I said that I did indeed yell at her but it was to stop her from getting run over. When I told our crazy neighbor this, his only response was "why should you care?" He added that he doesn't care if other people's kids get run over and that I should never yell at his daughter again. I noticed that he does enough yelling at her.

After all of that he continues to throw his garbage on our side of the fence and we have to keep throwing it back. We came home from holidays a week ago to find the decorative brick fence between our properties smashed up. There is no way that type of damage could be done by accident. Someone had to have really worked at it to smash it up like that.

He lives in a rental property and the owner of the house seems to think that this man is "a great guy". The previous owners now admit to me what a great guy he really is and we know it too.

We talked to the police about him and they say that our neighbor is "a person known" to them - whatever that means - and to call 911 if he enters our yard without permission again. I just wish he would move away.


What about a neighboring house that is covered from front yard to backyard in very high brush and vegetation, like he is in hiding?

He also has about 15 very tall 20-30 foot high antenna towers towards our fence in the backyard, he has an eight foot garbage pile leaning on our backyard fence which is old and ready to fall over.

He is now raising bees and there are bees everywhere. he doesn't work because he collects social security, so he sleeps all day and is up really late outside our bedroom window, last night was about 12:30.

He is a nut case and thinks he can mess with the system against anything and that no one can do anything about what he does.

We have asked nicely, lots of times politely to have some consideration, but he does what he does anyway. We can't function anymore with no sleep ourselves. We are now very cranky having to deal with his lifestyle, plus not to mention he is bringing down the neighborhood values with his display of everything he has going on. What can we do?

I called neighborhood preservation and having them deal with the situation legally and I'm not going to quit until everything changes.


Well my neighbors are really old people and they yell at every kid that lives by them. We live on a cul-de-sac (circle road which leads to a main road). So lots of kids live here (about 14 kids). And they constantly yell at kids for playing with chalk on the road (makes their house look bad).

Or when the kids play ball, they yell, "Don't throw it over here!" They are constantly threatening to call the cops on kids under age 11 playing outside or taking away their toys.

One story is when a girl, age seven, was drawing with chalk by the end of her driveway and the old woman saw her and told her to stop or she would call the cops. Also told her to clean it up.

Another story: a five year old boy was riding his bike. The old woman saw and yelled at him said he was too close to the property. Then she said she was going to tell his parent, take away the bike and he would never see it again and call the cops. She still yelled at him even when he started crying and said he was sorry. But she did not stop. He ran inside with his bike. And she was still yelling at the wind.

Last story was when the kids were playing kick ball next door to the old woman's house and the ball rolled in her yard. And one of the girls, age eight, and her sister, age 10. went to go get it. And the old woman yelled at them for being on her property. They said they only went to get the ball. She said she was going to call the cops they had five minutes to get it and leave. Then the old woman and the girls' parents talked and they can play kick ball in their own yard.

This old lady needs to move to somewhere there aren't families with young children. She yells at them, makes them cry, and scares them. They are little. She needs to man up and talk to the parents, not yell at their kids.


I live in a downstairs, one bedroom apartment, and now have new neighbors above me. It is a couple with two kids. The kids love to run around and scream at 11:00 at night, and throw their crap onto our patio (garbage, toys, etc). Plus, they are allowed to have a washer and dryer in their apartment because of a lease addendum, which otherwise is not permitted.

So, the washer caused water to seep into our bathroom and cause a leak, thus damaging the ceiling and wall because our lovely neighbors hooked it up improperly.

Just like McDonald's, I'm loving it (taste the sarcasm). I just had to rant.


My neighbours from one house away, are having backyard parties at least two or three times a week. It's summer outside so it's pretty hot, and we leave our windows open at night or else it's too hot. (Their "parties" usually start at 11 p.m.) They scream like: yee-haw! and talk really loud. I'm 17 and I've talked about it to my parents but they don't really mind.

So yeah, it really sucks and if you're doing it, it's annoying. Have some respect. I can hear them right now and it's so annoying.


I have this senile old man who lives in his garage next to my townhome. Whenever he hears a noise in my driveway he comes out and looks to see who is there. It's creepy and annoying. He is in his mid 60's so he should be dead in 12 years. LOL. I have already called him senile, moron, and a loser.


@Anon96018: This sounds like a job for the media. Have you thought about calling the local newspaper or television station? Sometimes, the power of the media is better than anything else. You will have to give them your name, although you can request it not be used, etc. But you can't do it anonymously. Otherwise, they will laugh at you and ignore you.

If a reporter is interested in the story, he or she can then call the owners of your neighbors' home (if they rent), talk to the police, the city zoning board, mayor, etc. Public embarrassment can often do a lot!

Also, if your neighbors do rent, call the owner of the property (this information is publicly available at your county tax assessor's office) and tell him/her that you're going to start bringing lawsuits if something isn't done about the neighbors. That can help, too. Good luck.


And you to anon45970: you must be one of those disrespectful neighbors. According to my state law, my neighbors cannot do whatever they want with their property. There are zoning laws and other laws that should stop people from doing what they are doing. Not to mention they are violating my civil rights!

I am not a cry baby, I am just trying to stick up for my rights and live a normal life with me and my children. That is not wrong. That is my right as an American!


Unbelievable. I have called the police on my neighbors and nothing is ever done except I look like an idiot. My neighbors have harassed whoever lives in this house for years.

They throw items into my yard in hopes that I run them over with my brand new lawn mower. They throw half eaten food and garbage in my yard (between my fence and my trees, like I don't know where it is coming from), they throw dead animals in my yard, they have parties every night and have their music up loud or drive their cars extremely fast up and down my street, or they rev up their engines so much that the smoke is causing me and my children to cough if we are outside.

They say nasty things to me and my children, they walk in my yard every day like it is their yard, their yard is a major violation of zoning laws yet no one would do anything so I had to spend $3,000 on a privacy fence and now they use my privacy fence for their crap to lean on.

It goes on and on and on. There are drugs being dealt there and under age drinking and other things that are against the law. The police do nothing and the zoning dept does nothing.

I have to uphold by the law and the zoning laws, so why are they getting away with harassing me and my family and my guests? I pay a lot of taxes to live where I do and the police do nothing but side with these people.

How do I sue the Township where I live? I want to move but cannot sell the house because of the neighbors! I lose work over this. I cannot sleep and my kids are scared to go outside. It's gone too far. I need major, major help.


OK tell me what to do. I'm single, over 50 and disabled. my 30 year marriage ended because of domestic violence. He got a lot next to my three acres and sold it to his friends. for months and months i have been harassed.

They are over my property at night (five of them), they smoke pot and have planted it some place behind my place in a field and use the pond to get the water to water the stuff. The pond is on my property. I have a camera, floodlights, police reports, and no one gives a flip but I'm awake at night watching this and call the police. By the time they are here, these jerks are on the other side.

They have girls in and out over there and there is a seven year old who was locked out for two hours while he had company.


My neighbor recently bought some sporty ugly green car! His driveway is right beside my bedroom window.

Every day he presses the gas, and for hours he is just hearing it rumble on and my glass window trembles.

Sometimes i am studying or sleeping and he just thinks that by pressing the gas some miracle is going to happen i guess. Maybe he thinks gold will fall from the sky or something.

Anyway it's so annoying. I want him to get over this behavior. I hate him for this!


Our neighbors are so immature. My mother confronted them about two weeks ago because our other friend - neighbors recently won a lawsuit with the town corporation.

Our neighbors were on the board and so they were highly against us and our neighbor. My mother wanted to get her anger out at them so she walked next door and knocked on their door, and then the man came out and they started arguing. And oh my god, I listened to it inside (our laundry room window is literally right next to their front door) and I laughed so hard.

Our neighbors were acting like children! My mom called the man a bad name and then the woman came out and started arguing too. And then their neighbors (who we are great friends with) pulled up into his driveway and literally, in the middle of the argument, just completely ignored my mom and began talking to their neighbor. My mom came in and she just started laughing. Then she told me how insecure they were and I was like, "Yup, people can be pretty stupid!" Luckily we're moving soon so they won't be posing a problem much longer.


OK i have one for you. we moved in our house like eight years ago and there is this lady and she is like 56 and i was her adopted daughter's best friend and the lady is like, so annoying. she's very fat and lazy and has a really not so smart daughter and i can't stand her. my mom has gotten into a fight with her.


My neighbors are real smart! I think it's like father like son. When I think the dad's the worst, the son outdoes him. The father loves to play with dozers. So far, he's pushed a tree over my fence then tells me to wire it to a tree. He took so much soil off the roots of this huge tree that during an ice storm one winter it fell on my house. Drove a dozer over my water meter, caving in the top and having to be replaced.

And last but not least, he unearthed and severed a gas line.

As for the son, well they pretty much raise themselves. The parents are normally only home on the weekend. So the kids run wild doing what they please and will not listen to you. They are riding up and down the road on four wheelers and motorcycles, bashing my son when he's playing in the yard with foul words and name calling.

The police are supposed to be patrolling the area now after the last straw broke with the names. They have even shot chickens, claiming they were wild birds even though they were fenced and on our property. The law was called and a report was filed at that time. Something like four dead and eight missing. I'm not sure if they actually killed those and took them or if they took them alive.

The dad refused to believe his son did it. But his son admitted it to the officer. The man paid but is no less a troublesome neighbor. They aren't learning from these mistakes and are continuing to drive us crazy.


you think you peeps have annoying neighbors. ours walk on the roof of our buildings that are 15 feet high up in the air. they wear skimpy clothes and they yell at us and cuss us. come on. I'm 12 years old. i have a friend who lives at the top of the driveway and when we go up she yells and shoots me the bird.


I have a horrible neighbor whose window is practically in my front door. So when I leave or come in, she looks out the window even though she knows it annoys me.

She gossips all day long if I complain. She's the type who is looking for trouble always at the end of the month, you know PMS.

Jesus! I'm over seventy but was never like that just to feel good about myself.

I try to keep my anger to myself but it's not always possible. I have felt like doing something really bad to her, but fortunately this doesn't go beyond bad thoughts.

I have prayed and prayed to all my saints, but nothing. What is there for me to learn here? Any suggestions?


@Anon87498, and all who live next door to rental houses. There are a couple of things to try. If you're in the USA, look up the county property tax assessor's office. Look up the neighbors' address. Find out who owns the property and call the landlord.

Tell the landlord you are going to kick up one more almighty stink, up to and including a lawsuit, if the landlord doesn't tell these people to get their act together.

Also, call your city councilman (or alderman, as the case may be), who may also be able to put pressure on the landlord, if they're local, or on other authorities.

You know you're not the only ones in your neighborhood being driven nuts, so get the neighbors together and all of you call the landlord and city officials. Really raise a ruckus until something is done.

If they own the property, call your city councilman, and see if he or she can get some satisfaction for you. Good luck.


Wow, I'm glad this site exists. I have horrible neighbors on both sides. Both sides have loud barking dogs. One side has received the hints quite well after calling animal control, while the other side, there's just no changing some people -- talk about trashy.

They drink and probably do drugs all the time. I don't have proof but hopefully someday they get busted. People speak of budget crises, well how about enforcing city noise ordinances, making the fines/fees progressively higher? If they don't pay, send them to jail for a few nights and force them to pay for staying in jail. Other things these neighbors do, their yard smells like dog droppings, and I try to avoid water anything because of the horrible stench.

I've called animal control numerous times, but apparently they're as useful as garbage. The music is constantly bumping, cigarette butts all over the place. I believe they're dumping trash into my garbage cans, and this is considered illegal dumping, they constantly swear outside, talk in loud voices on the phone. Now, does anyone really want to hear their business? Also, like many of the posters on here, I've talked to the neighbors, and they just brush off any comments. maybe they think they're higher than the law?

I have also called the authorities and agencies that should assist in resolving these issues but nothing comes of it. So I can only vent.


I used to have the most rude annoying selfish neighbors ever! I lived in an apartment so our doors were connected, our neighbors would party from 9 p.m. till 6 in the morning!

Their music was booming loud and the guy that lives next to us throws all his cigarettes on our patio. And almost every night he fights with his girlfriend and they bang on doors and stairs. Once the girl rang my doorbell and banged on the door looking for some money! it's ridiculous! Glad that I moved away.


What can you do for people whether they be neighbours or students at at a party or passersby who join in with trespasses continuously causing damage to your property?

You, if you witness it, call the police but they can't do anything unless you can identify the vandal? They tell you to confront them the next time you see them.

However I see this as putting yourself at risk of life and then who will come to your aid when you are lying on the ground bleeding to death. Yes, it's safer to anonymously call to protect you but nothing will happen -- only let them know somebody is annoyed by their bad behavior.

You are right if you do nothing -- the vandals will continue their bad behavior because they know they are invincible!


I have not only my family but my annoying neighbors on every side: left, right and front. One always is running around, letting her dog poo in our yard and the other always takes any chance to call the cops or make us look awful.

He put up a spit fence. he's property wise and my other neighbors' kids always ask if my little sister can play, but as soon as their friends come, they leave and push and yell and abuse my little sister. i am tired of this.

Between all these people throwing parties, annoying the family and doing stuff for no reasons, I need an answer. What the hell do I do?


If you've got one that is worse than this, I'll be amazed. OK, In my hometown, we had five tall trees and the house across the street was sold.

The new neighbor fixed up the house so he could sell it, and he shows up one day and asks about the five tall trees, and maybe if some trimming was possible, but since it was my father who owned the house, I referred him nicely to him, so they could work it out.

I gave him his home number, work number and cell number plus the e-mail. Nothing happened. About five months later, the neighbor had, while I was working, put a huge cut in all off the trees with his chainsaw, and the police closed the case less than a week after filing charges.

So I went on tv, still nothing happened. And from anonymous sources I have, the guy is a snitch for the police, and besides that he is a known felon.


We have these kids who come to our house every single day. Non-stop! Even the six year old gets mad if we don't open the door. What's their problem?

They come to our house to use our internet and watch our TV that has cable. Mostly for Icarly. They should know or not to do that.

My family and I don't do that but they do. They even bring their cousin and we don't even know who she is! How annoying is that?

They are the most annoying neighbors I've ever lived with. Each day I worry that they might come. Every time they come they ruin our family's fun atmosphere. One time they came at 8 in the morning! Turns out they watch tv the whole time. The oldest one doesn't even know manners. she stays until eight until Icarly is done. I forbid them to come to our house every single day!


We have a group of kids who live across the street from us and they have a basketball hoop which is at the curb of their house. They are constantly coming into our yard to get balls and they have even stood on our property to shoot hoops.

The thing is that my dad has parked his vehicle on the street for over 25 years and now they think that we should move it so they can play ball. They get out of school and wait until the time he comes home to start playing. I think this is harassment.

They get other friends to come over and play just to annoy us. All we hear is the bouncing basketball. We've called the cops about them being in our yard but they wait until we leave and sometimes not and lie on the grass in our yard, stand in the yard or on the sidewalk and shoot hoops.

Maybe they could be charged with loitering and harassment.


I can hardly believe what our family is going through! Our annoying neighbor smokes and drinks constantly in his yard. I have run him off our property on three occasions. Notified the sheriff on one occasion.

We are finding beer bottles, cigarette butts and packages in our back yard. It is important that you notify the police or sheriff. Records are created as a "complaint".

I feel sorry for this drunken and annoying neighbor. People (like him) are nothing but trouble. I found out later that he was the one he made the counter-offer on the foreclosed home we purchased. The greedy SOB already owns five houses. He must be sore that we bought this $600,000 home/land for $300,000.00.

I believe he had obsessive compulsive behaviors and uses the alcohol as an anti-depressant. Either way, he is a bag of dirt!


Dude, you guys have nothing on our annoying neighbor.

I'll have an innocent birthday party which might, I add, end well before 10 p.m. curfew. When I have all my guests in the front for like the pinata, she'll just stand there mad dogging everyone. Like come on are you serious? Talk about a hater.

If we are barbecuing in the back, she'll turn on her water hose and start watering and begin to water on our side as well as if she was trying to wet us. This only the half of it.

She even flipped us off in front of neighborhood kids because one of our cars were parked on the public street in front of her house. Like come on, 55 year old lady, grow up already.

We aren't going anywhere, so stop trying to run us out!


I live in a small neighborhood. These teenagers keep riding their four-wheeler in front of my house. They do not own the property they are riding on. They are tearing up the grass and making a real mess. Plus, they are very noisy! They are such a nuisance! I have called the cops at least 3 or 4 times. Where are their parents?


if the cop won't come tell the cop you will shoot the neighbor, then the cops will get involved. People like that are ignorant and idiots.


What do you do about a neighbor who has a trampoline? We've put a lot of time and energy into building ourselves a beautiful back yard, and now we can't even enjoy it. Their two children are constantly bouncing up and down and up and down, and looking right at us. We have a 6' fence, for crying out loud! Suggestions?


My neighbours are nasty, horrible jerks. You can reason with some people and resolve a situation but with some people there is no reasoning to be done. Even though you did nothing to provoke the situation they see you as being a soft target for their 'fun'. Bullies in other words.

If you confront a situation you risk escalation. Most times they are trying to provoke a response. If you react angrily they've got the response they are looking for.


I read most of the posts. I agreed with anon45970. As long as your neighbors are not into drugs or crimes. Respect is a two ways street. You can complaint, but they also can complaint to you. Think about it. My neighbor is much worse than most post here. It's a never ending story.

I just ignore him and pretend he does not exist.


I use to live in a wonderful area, but more illegals and gang members have made my area a living nightmare. My cars are vandalized every night. And yes, I mean every night. I tried calling the police but was told to park some place else. So no help there! Don't know what to do now.

I have a 98 percent idea who is doing this. I asked her to do drugs elsewhere instead of the front yard. Not sure what to do. Do I move from my own home, the home I own and have lived in for over 20 years. Or do I play dirty?


My neighbor has not had a job in over three years, he just lives off his rather hefty girlfriend. Ever since he became unemployed he has made everyone's life around here an absolute misery with loud music and frequent fights with passers by and other tenants in this complex.

I am moving out of my fully paid house to go and rent somewhere else just to get away from him.


We work night shift and our neighbours spend all day playing music, their dogs bark all day, they sit in the driveway beeping the horns and have frequent domestic disturbances. So we started wearing ear plugs to bed. Then, just today, we get a note from the neighbours complaining about us coming home from work at 3 a.m., that we make too much noise dropping our bottles in the bin and that our grass is too long.

Since we don't own a lawn mower, we asked to borrow theirs, and they told us to shove it. What is with some people?


I live in a townhouse so we are connected to my neighbours house. They have three teenage kids, one girl and two boys. The boys are the one causing the most trouble. They play basketball on the patio in the backyard (our patios are connected somehow with a small fence dividing us).

They have a bigger field and they refuse to play basketball there. Instead, they put up the net right on the patio, so there are a lot of noises and a lot of times the balls bounce everywhere and it knocks off our plants and broke our vase once.

We finally decided to confront them when they broke our vase and the teenage kid thinks it's funny and refuses to apologize, then I spoke to the mother and she was defending her son (reason: because he's just a kid), and continued saying "they are ashamed to be our neighbours".

Now that it's winter they park their car like idiots, blocking our driveway and when confronted they simply moved a few inches away. And yeah, they are no longer in our driveway but we are still having a hard time parking because there just isn't enough space to backup into the driveway (our street is a one-way).

So annoying I really want to pop their tires and key the car. The worst part is I do not know how to deal with these teenagers with a mother defending their dumb actions!


i have neighbours who live on the social act like they own the street. they dump joint ends all over the place, scream and shou. They are just total freeloaders who fill their boredom by annoying hard working tax payers. I wish the government would get these pests into work.


I'm not the quietest neighbor, so I'm not one to tell you to be quiet either. I have two young children. Compared to others, my children aren't even that bad. My neighbors from down stairs make noise from 5 a.m. till midnight. They hang out in the hallway crying, playing, banging, running, yelling, slamming doors, fighting, partying and "trying to" sing. When they walk around they sound like they're wearing combat boots and stampeding into battle. The problem I have isn't the noise they make (cause everyone makes noise). My problem is that they ask me to be quiet and usually in front of my guests when I am having a get together or party. They would say they didn't know I had guests. One time when they asked me to "keep the kids quiet" during my son's birthday party a guest told them that it would be hard to keep them quiet because it is in fact a party. My neighbor cried "Disrespect!"


Well get this one, everyone. i can't even decorate in my yard, plant flowers or anyhthing outdoors because the neighbor next door puts up three times as much as i put up on holidays and makes me look like i am nothing. they are real showoffs and all they live on is social security but they try to act like wealthy people. it drives me nuts!


I wouldn't mind if my neighbours had taste but somehow I don't think they are going to start playing Bowie. Its that repetitive doof, doof crap that makes me mad. they are across the street, three houses away and it still going through. Does my bleeping head in.


Nobody is going to move out of town, or change their ways after they just spent 200,000-plus for a house because of your few spoiled requests. I don't care about annoying neighbors. I just look at the crime and murder rates. To tell you the truth I would rather have a party animal live next door than drug dealers.


You people are cry babies. You will always have annoying neighbors. Cops can't do anything because the noise level stops at ten. some towns even later. Others don't give a crap. have you ever heard that phrase what's mine is mine, and what's your is yours? People can do what ever they want with their property. Whether it's putting up a mud bog, fence, what ever. Just reading your complaints gives me a headache. I have jerk neighbors too. They're everywhere! You can't talk anywhere around here without them listening. Gossiping with the rest of the jerks in the neighborhood. Just like they're so perfect. You have bad habits too, I'm sure. I shouldn't have to whisper on my property. I have seen many people doing work on cars outside. There's nothing wrong with that! You can complain all you want! Stop being a crybaby!


For the last six years or so, the house across the street from me has been rented to one large group of college students after another. There are continuous parties with loud music and talking, beer bottles thrown in my yard, urination on my plants, vandalism of my property etc. It's like living across the street from a bar or a dormitory. I've become quite adept at getting the police and the city's code enforcement involved, but as soon as one group is dealt with -they move out. Then here comes a new group and I have to start all over. Don't look for much help from property managers, since they make money from renting such a house and only see *you* as the problem. Instead, keep property managers in the loop, but primarily use the police. Don't waste your time talking to such problem neighbors because they'll just tell you what they think you want to hear and continue business as usual. If the police won't help you, then I leave it to your imagination regarding payback.


I've been going through this for a while. My neighbor is 11 years old, and comes to our door every single day and asks if I can come outside. And I'll say nicely, "Nah. I don't want to come outside today. I'm too hot." And right then and there, she whines, and fusses, and makes a huge dramatic scene. I'm so tired of her whining and fussing. I'm great friends with her, but playing outside every single hour of every single day? No way! lol


I am going through this right now! My neighbor next door to me plays his music so loud that I can hear it in my whole house! I tried in the past to talk to him but he is just irrational. I have called the police over 50 times! We have recently engaged in a confrontation. Hate to say it, but it's has not worked at all. It just pisses him off more and plays his music louder. The police do nothing for this type of dispute!

pissed off annie


Our neighborhood is in one acre lots in the woods and is backed by a rod/gun club with hundreds of acres. My neighbor decided to put a four-wheeling racing track encircling the house and tracks running up and down the property lines. She put in mud bogs (note the s for multiples) and even ramps for jumps. She not only uses this for her own recreation but has friends over with their four-wheelers. Additionally this person put a good part of this track on the private property of the rod/gun club behind all the homes. She is a dandy. We have had many issues with this neighbor over the years but this one takes the cake. I could write a book!


My neighbors are really on my last nerve. They are trying to build a fence on the easement of the cul de sac. Yes, it is on their property, yes, they have the right to do it, but should they? The fence or should I say, piece of fence they want to put up will not connect to anything. It will just be a piece of fence along a private ingress/egress. There are no fences in any front yards in the entire neighborhood and we know it will not only decrease our home values, it will advertise to potential buyers that there is a crazy neighbor on the block so, "find another house".

They sit in their house and look out the windows and sneak around listening to others' conversations. If you try to engage them in conversation, they call the police and say you are harassing them. We cannot win!


I have a neighbor across the street from me that does constant car work. He buys junkers and restores them. It's loud and the exhaust flows into my house giving me migraines. I have complained numerous times, even video taped it for proof and he still does it even after being warned to stop. I have run out of options on what to do. Did I mention I live in military housing? They are no help at all!


this guy smokes!!!!!! he's on the third floor, im on the sixth floor, and yes, SIXTH FLOOR! i really don't want to call the police, because im afraid ill need to go court. what should i do???


I am going through this right now! My neighbor across the street plays her music so loud that I can hear it in my whole house... and yes I said ACROSS THE STREET! I tried in the past to talk to her but she is just irrational. I have called the police over 50 times and her landlord is an out of town management company! We have recently engaged in a physical confrontation and I had to beat her up. Hate to say it... but it's been pretty quiet over here ever since! lol. I would never recommend this but sometimes depending on where you live... the police does nothing for this type of dispute!

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    • An annoying neighbor mowing his lawn in the late evening.
      By: verinize
      An annoying neighbor mowing his lawn in the late evening.
    • Earplugs can help block out sounds from an annoying neighbor.
      By: NilsZ
      Earplugs can help block out sounds from an annoying neighbor.
    • Barking dogs are a common complaint and may violate ordinances.
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      Barking dogs are a common complaint and may violate ordinances.
    • You may have to take action if a neighbor continuously throws noise parties that interfere with your life.
      By: Tony Northrup
      You may have to take action if a neighbor continuously throws noise parties that interfere with your life.
    • It is wise to avoid doing things that will escalate the situation.
      By: 9nong
      It is wise to avoid doing things that will escalate the situation.