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What Are the Different Types of Mirrored Bedroom Furniture?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The different types of mirrored bedroom furniture includes headboards, chests, wardrobes and vanities as well as accessory pieces. Some of these furnishings for bedrooms include attached or inserted mirrors while others are all mirror. All mirror pieces are covered in the reflective material and typically have an elegant, sophisticated look.

Some mirror covered bedroom furniture has straight lines, while others feature cabriole, or curved, legs. Vanities and chests may be covered in plain mirror or feature white etched accents such as leaf or floral borders. Chests may be smaller or larger units. All mirrored bedroom furniture may have beveled edges for extra elegance. There are also typically all mirror night tables available as well.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Dresser top mirrors that are attached may also be beveled or etched — especially if they are antique bedroom furniture. Antique mirrored bedroom furniture is more likely than modern types to not only have details such as a beveled edge or etching patterns, but also to be in a shape other than rectangular such as round or oval. Most modern types of mirrored bedroom furniture have rectangular shapes and straight lines. Lower rather than higher types of bureaus or chests are likely to have an attached mirror so as to be at the best height for putting on jewelry or combing hair.

Vanity mirrored furniture allows an individual to be seated when doing such dressing or grooming tasks. Whereas some vanities have one center mirror, others feature trifold mirrors. The center mirror may be taller than each one on the side. Jewelry chests, which are narrow and typically not as tall as standard lowboy dressers, may have an inset mirror in the lid. Jewelry chest mirrors may be purely decorative although some can be used when putting on earrings or fastening a necklace clasp if the unit is help up to face height.

Wardrobes are another type of mirrored bedroom furniture that may have insets. Usually, these mirrors are designed for viewing an outfit when dressing rather than being mostly decorative. For instance, one side of a wardrobe may have a full-length mirror on the exterior cupboard door, while the other may be solid.

Like wardrobes and mirrored jewelry drawer units, headboards often have an inset mirror that is mainly decorative. The mirror may be set in the center of the headboard between two shelving sections or it may stretch across its length. Some bed headboards have alternating panels of wood and mirror. To get the look of headboard mirrored bedroom furniture, framed full-length mirrors may be hung above the bed. Framed or unframed full-length mirrors are also used for dressing when at floor level in bedrooms or hung on the back of a door.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing