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What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Second Floor Balcony?

Transforming your second-floor balcony into a personal oasis starts with selecting the right furnishings that balance comfort and space. Opt for weather-resistant materials and add a touch of greenery with potted plants for a natural vibe. Incorporate soft lighting to create a cozy ambiance for evening relaxation. How will you personalize your balcony to make it your favorite retreat? Continue reading for more inspiration.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Tips for decorating a second floor balcony will vary according to the size of the balcony as well as the structure's location. An interior balcony, for example, is likely to be decorated differently than an outdoor one, and a very small balcony will need far less decoration than a larger one. Taking accurate measurements of the second floor balcony is a great first step that will help the decorator avoid cluttering the space or otherwise including too few or too many decorations in the space.

The intended use of the space will largely dictate what decorations are most appropriate for a second floor balcony. An interior structure, for example, may be used as a sleeping area or as a living space. The decorations for a bedroom space are often muted and intended to help one relax, whereas a living space may be decorated more brightly with more eye-catching accents. An outdoor second floor balcony may feature plants, screens, canopies, or other shade-producing structures to increase the usability and comfort level of the space. Some outdoor balconies are used exclusively for storage, which means the best decorating tips for a second floor balcony will focus on tying functionality and aesthetic appeal together.

A house with a balcony.
A house with a balcony.

If furniture will be placed on the second floor balcony, it helps to choose a furniture set instead of individual pieces. This will ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout the space, and buying a set may end up saving the decorator money in the long run, even if the initial purchase price is higher. Individual pieces can certainly be assembled, but the decorator will need to have a keen eye to determine which pieces fit aesthetically with each other. Choosing functional furniture is exceptionally important, and the furniture will need to be of an appropriate size to prevent cluttering on the often small balcony space.

Simplicity goes a long way when decorating a balcony.
Simplicity goes a long way when decorating a balcony.

Flooring materials are great ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of a balcony space, but it is important to choose appropriate materials for the intended purpose of the space. If the balcony is outdoors, for example, the flooring materials will need to be resistant to water damage and other elements. Indoor flooring may not need to be water-resistant, but if the space will be used for entertaining, water-resistant materials will certainly be a good choice. Some flooring materials are designed to be movable as well; throw rugs, for example, can add pleasing accents to the space, and they can be removed easily when necessary.

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    • A house with a balcony.
      By: Tatty
      A house with a balcony.
    • Simplicity goes a long way when decorating a balcony.
      By: Csák István
      Simplicity goes a long way when decorating a balcony.