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How do I Choose the Best Closet Rod?

Selecting the ideal closet rod hinges on your wardrobe's weight and size. Opt for sturdy materials like chrome or steel for heavy garments, and consider adjustable rods for versatility. Ensure the rod's diameter fits your hangers comfortably. Want to create an organized, functional closet space that suits your style? Let's explore the possibilities together. What will your dream closet look like?
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

If you plan or replacing your current closet rod or installing a rod for a new closet, there are several options to consider. You might wish to consider the material you prefer the rod to have, such as rust-proof steel or nickel. Another consideration would be if the rod is easy or difficult to install and if tools are required. If you're looking for versatility, you'll need to consider the length or if you might require an adjustable unit. Consider whether you need a basic closet rod or one that provides extras.

Choosing the most suitable closet rod will most likely involve visiting a retail store that sells closet hardware and closet accessories. A clothes rod can also be purchased from an online store. If you plan on purchasing your closet online, be sure to have all your required specifications easily accessible before you order. This way, you'll be able to compare your needs with the selection available.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Most all closet rods are fully expandable to accommodate every unique need for length. Hydraulic hinges help to keep the rod's movement fluid and consistent as well. If the rod offers ball-bearing parts, this might make for a smoother glide when having to adjust it. Also consider a material that is rust-proof. One thing that could distract from a practical purpose is having your closet rod develop unsightly rust stains or water marks.

Some closet rods feature additional space with attached hooks that allow for storage of accessories. This might act as a doubling effect. Such an organizer can actually provide two units in one. One closet rod would be attached to the other, creating a multi-level purpose. This is something to consider if you need the extra space.

There are other types of closet kits as well. If you require a more accessible way of organizing, a pull-down rod might suit your needs. This would make it easy to reach clothes that are on a higher level. A pull-down type is sometimes preferred for a kid's closet, as it will allow simple access for the child.

Occasionally, even the adjustable or expandable rods might not be small enough to accommodate a diminutive space. If the closet in question is a smaller one, such as a linen closet, you might need to purchase a custom-sized closet rod at a home improvement store. If you need a permanent closet rod in a unique size or specification, check around for the best deals and most effective solution.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book